LSEE Academic Round Table on Data Analyses

Part of CEFTA Week 2017: Business, Trade and Investments

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 | Hotel Moskva, Belgrade


Roundtable Agenda | Photos

The Roundtable on Data Analyses organised by LSEE had a twofold objective. First, to mark the official launch of the LSEE-CEFTA Academic Network and present its organisational structure and planned activities to interested members of the audience from the academic and policy community, including practitioners. Second, to facilitate a discussion about the relevant research questions that are applicable to the CEFTA region with regard to trade and the consequent data needs for the analysis of such questions. Here, emphasis was both on issues of data availability, data compatibility and data access and on the overview of academic research in the field of international trade both within the region and internationally.

The roundtable, chaired by Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis, Director of the LSE Research unit on Southeast Europe (LSEE) and Associate Professor of Political Economy at the London School of Economics, hosted eight academics and practitioners with vast expertise on trade issues in the Balkans, ranging from international trade and investment to trade in services and commercial issues and from customs procedures and technical standards to data management and dissemination. 

Speakers & Presentations

Introduction to the CEFTA-LSEE Academic Network

Professor Silvana Mojsovska, Institute of Economics, University ‘Ss. Cyril and Methodius’, Skopje - Trade facilitation and investment

Dr Ivana Prica, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade - Trade in services and commercial issues

Presentations on Data needs for trade analysis in the CEFTA region

Dr Dušanka Bosković, University of Sarajevo and SafeNet - Visualisation of CEFTA Statistics

Professor Besnik Krasniqi, Consultant and founder of Business Support Centre Kosovo (BSCK); Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Faculty of Economics, University of Hasan Prishtina - Regional investment

Ms Jasna Matić, Independent expert on competitiveness, investment and ICT - Trade and Foreign Direct Investment

Ms Anita Richter, Policy Analyst, Private Sector Development Division, Global Relation Secretariats OECD - Special economic zones

Dr Katerina Toshevska-Trpchevska, Assistant Professor of Multilateral Trading System and International Trade Transactions, Faculty of Economics, University ‘Ss. Cyril and Methodius’, Skopje - Customs issues

Professor Milica Uvalić, Department of Economics, University of Perugia, Italy - Regional trade research

Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis, Director LSEE Research on South Eastern Europe - Final Remarks