Evaluating the Impact of Labour Market Reforms in Greece during 2010-2018


In the context of three consecutive bail out programs, the Greek state legislated and implemented various reforms aiming to restore its fiscal sustainability and external competitiveness. In this context, the most significant and radical structural reforms took place in the labour market. If it is true that much of the adjustment took places through fiscal measures rather than structural ones and that, within the set of structural reforms, labour market reforms where the most pronounced, it is important to understand in depth important dimensions of these reforms. The project aims to:

i) evaluate the impact of Greek labour market reforms on microeconomic incentives of individuals in relation to entering the formal labour market and

ii) estimate the impact of labour market reforms on selected macroeconomic and social indicators

Project Coordinator and Principal Researcher: Prof Nikolaos Vettas (Department of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business)

Researcher 1: Dr Georgios Gatopoulos (Foundation for Industrial and Economic Research - IOBE)

Researcher 2: Dr Ioannis Polycarpou (Foundation for Industrial and Economic Research - IOBE)

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