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Crisis and Entrepreneurship: business dynamics, firm level, sectoral and regional determinants

Project Coordinator and Principal Researcher: Dr Ioannis Kartalis


The project will examine three key aspects of the impact of some of the major policy changes that were instituted as part of the fiscal consolidation programme that was followed, as well as a systematic analysis of the impact of the crisis on entrepreneurship and business dynamism.

i) It will explore which firms were more resilient during and after the economic crisis and which determinants were critical for their survival.

ii) It will examine the creation of new firms, their survival rate and which characteristics were vital to their success.

iii) It will investigate how entrepreneurship changed in the various regions during the crisis years and how it has shaped regional economic outcomes. Besides firm level, sectoral and regional factors that might affect firm creation and entrepreneurship, the analysis will aim to capture how the changing institutional setting and particular policy changes might have shaped business outcomes.

Project Outputs

Policy Brief and Research Paper

Policy Brief
Read the Policy Brief here.

- Read the Research Paper of the project, which was published as part of the GreeSE working paper series, GreeSE Paper No.186.


- The preliminary findings of the Research Project were presented at a Research Seminaron Tuesday 25 October 2022.
-Listen to the Podcast.

Research Team

Project Coordinator and Principal Researcher: Ioannis Kaplanis, Research Fellow, Athens University of Economics and Business

Senior Advisor 1: Christos Genakos, Professor of Economics, Cambridge Judge Business School

Senior Advisor 2: Aggelos Tsakanikas, Director, Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics; Associate Professor, National Technical University of Athens)

Research Assistant: Ms Theano Maria Tagaraki, Doctoral Student, Department of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business; Research Associate, Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research, IOBE