2020 Exhibitions

Educate for Impact 300 x 300

Educate for Impact: promoting wellbeing and equality

A transformative and inter-disciplinary exhibition showcasing PhD research being undertaking in the Departments of Social Policy, Health Policy and Psychological and Behavioural Sciences under the broad themes of wellbeing and equality.

This exhibition is being generously funded by LSE’s Knowledge, Exchange and Impact fund. 

Eileen Younghusband, Lecturer in Social Science 300 x 300

Personalities and Progress: LSE and the World

Since its foundation in 1895 LSE people and ideas have helped to shape the world. Personalities and Progress will explore the lives and influence of six LSE people and provide an opportunity for students, staff and visitors to nominate their own top LSE influencers and highlight current projects.

This exhibit is part of the 2020 LSE Festival: Shape the World.