2019 Exhibitions

Bearing Witness 300 x 300

Bearing Witness: The ethics and practice of conflict reporting in South Sudan

Journalism in situations of conflict is both difficult to undertake successfully and a morally ambivalent form of work. What justifies professionally recording and retelling the stories of others’ suffering. This exhbition explores why reporting on the conflict in South Sudan is hard for both foreign and South Sudanese journalists, how they go about it in practice and their views on what justifies the work that they do.

LSE 1969 300 x 300

LSE 1969

The late 1960s saw sit-ins and demonstrations in universities across the USA and Europe and in London the unrest spread to LSE. LSE 1969 will trace the impact of student activism from 1967-1969. The exhibit aims to explain and clarify some myths surrounding this complex period of LSE’s history through a display of archival documents, photographs and film and audio interviews.

In Memory of Naomi Hersi 300 x 300

In memory of Naomi Hersi: the impalpable lives and history of queer, trans and intersex people of colour

This exhibition brings together a collection of QTIPOC experiences and activism through instruments of art, photography and media. It will explore notions of joy, pride, strife and political dogma; amalgamated with the aim of embracing erased voices in ordinary LGBT+ History.

China: memories, reflections and dreams 300 x 300

China: memories, reflections and dreams

LSE's Language Centre are delighted to present 'China: memories, reflections and dreams' an exhibition of photographs about China taken by Mandarin learners in the UK.

Modern China presents a dual image: a society transforming itself through economic development and infrastructure investment; and the world's most populous country, with multiple traditions in its economic, cultural and political life. This photography exhibition presents to you China's old and new, rich and poor, order and disorder.