2015 Exhibitions


Young Austria

The exhibition portrays members and their families and their political and cultural activities. Photographs show them also as members of the British Army and the Auxiliary Territorial Service and other war workers. The exhibition displays, organised by topic, include biographical information and explanations of the photographs and the other images. Some of the material is unique and unpublished and thus an important resource for students and historians. 



KAROKOA   [ to wait until the coming of; the time of ]

Adrift on the equator lies Kiribati, a remote nation of 33 islands. The country is expected to be one of the first to lose all its land territory due to climate change and rising sea levels. The fate of the nation and its people hangs poised as plans for its population migration have now started. 



Germans in Britain

Germans in Britain, a touring exhibition created by the Migration Museum Project, explores the relationship between Britain and Germany, one of the deepest between any two European countries. Although the two wars that devastated 20th century Europe cast Germany and Britain as foes, the nations have long been natural allies with intertwined interests and a shared past. 



The Other Wall

This year has been designated as the Year of Mexico in the UK. It is in this context that the LSESU Mexican Society and the Embassy of Mexico in the UK, in partnership with LSE Arts, are showcasing the exhibition The Other Wall, by the Mexican artist Amador Montes. Through the perspective of this artist, born in the state of Oaxaca, this exhibition aims at sharing the contemporary aesthetic values, culture and idiosyncrasy of Mexico with the academic community of LSE and Central London. 



Designing the Urban Commons

This exhibition showcases the most stimulating and challenging responses to Theatrum Mundi’s 2015 ideas competition Designing the Urban Commons. A fantastic jury assembled and 2300 votes were cast resulting in 10 winners, shown here alongside the highlights of our 2014 New York competition Designing for Free Speech. 



LSESU Visual Arts Society 2015 Exhibition

In association with LSE Arts, the LSESU Visual Arts Society annual exhibition will showcase artwork produced by students from the LSE. The display will feature artwork produced by members of the society created over this academic year's weekly life drawing sessions, as well as artwork from non-members which range from paintings to calligraphy and photography. 



A view from the border: Everyday lives in Burma's conflict zones in times of transition

The photo exhibition portrays the everyday lives of people in Burma’s conflict-ridden Kachin State. Its particular focus rests on areas under control of ethnic rebel groups. 



Between East and West

Between East and West is a free exhibition exploring the heritage and identity of the British Chinese through photographic portraits, archival imagery and Oral History interviews by Mike Tsang. 



Urban Lightscapes/Social Nightscapes

The Urban Lightscapes/Social Nightscapes exhibition showcased a five-day lighting design workshop that took place on Peabody’s Whitecross estate in October 2014. This exhibition presented the impressive night-time photography that was produced during the workshop as well as sketches, drawings and materials from the various design processes and the final lighting design ideas. It premiered a film documentary that was produced on the project as well as exhibit the lighting fixtures the design teams worked with throughout the week.