Wednesday 22 February 2017

LSE Literary Festival programme


The Universe Starring Man? The Impact of Scientific Revolutions on Humankind’s View of Itself

1.00-2.00pm, NAB 2.04

Speaker: John Worrall
Chair: Roman Frigg 

Hosted by the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS)

Podcast available.

Aleksandr Apsit (Petrov) 1 May 1919

1917: Historical and global perspectives

4.30-6.00pm, Wolfson Theatre

Speakers: Tanya Harmer, Nataliya Kibita, David Motadel
Chair: David Stevenson

Hosted by the Department of International History

Podcast available.

Georgia Gould © Andy Hall

Stagnation Generation: Exploring intergenerational fairness

5.00-6.30pm, Sheikh Zayed Theatre

Speakers: Nona Buckley-Irvine, Georgia Gould, John Hills, Omar Khan
Chair: David Willetts

Hosted by the Resolution Foundation and the International Inequalities Institute at LSE

Podcast and video available.

Matt CookSue O Sullivan

Experiments in Living and Working: Squats and collectives in 1970s and 80s London

6.00-7.00pm, NAB 1.04

Speakers: Matt CookSue O’Sullivan
Chair: Anne Summers

Hosted by the LSE Library

Podcast available.

Cricket cr Graham S Dean Photography

Cricket as Revolution

6.30-8.00pm, Wolfson Theatre

Speakers: Prashant Kidambi, Peter Oborne, Parvathi Raman
Chair: Mukulika Banerjee

Hosted by the South Asia Centre at LSE

Podcast available.

Jem LesterEmma Sweeney

Viewing Autism through the Arts Lens

7.00-8.30pm, Sheikh Zayed Theatre

Speakers including: Ros Blackburn, Jem Lester, Emma Claire Sweeney
Chair: Martin Knapp

Hosted by the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU)

Podcast available.