Frontline Shorts Night: Revolutions

Hosted by the Frontline Club and LSE Literary Festival

Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building,

A programme of visually engrossing short documentaries that explore revolutions in many forms - personal and inner transformations, communities in rapid transition and forceful social movements. From a remote Mayan community to the streets of Chicago, these stories offer a window into other parts of the world and will leave you feeling emboldened and inspired. 

LSE Literary Festival is delighted to partner once again with Shorts at the Frontline Club (@frontlineclub) which showcases moving, striking and funny films, exploring the different faces of nonfiction filmmaking. Tonight's programme includes:

Director: Mohammed Pullinger
2015 / 4 min / United States

From subliminal to subversive: At the height of a successful career at one of the world’s top advertising agencies, renowned Montreal-based “Miss Me” quit her job and took to the streets to become an underground street artist. Her goal? Self-liberation, authenticity, and to be a loud, counter-voice to the objectification of women in mainstream advertising.

Director: Carlos Javier Ortiz
2015 / 4 min / United States

Carlos Javier Ortiz has been documenting the consequences of gun violence in Chicago and Philadelphia for over 8 years. His work is especially focused on the impact such violence has on shaping the lives of youth in these communities. We All We Got captures the poetic language of the streets: the ghetto birds flying over the city; music popping out of cars; people talking on the street corners as preachers holler for the violence to stop after another young person was senselessly gunned down on the streets of Chicago.

Director: Aaron Schock
2016 / 40 min / Mexico

Set within the rainforests of southern Mexico, La Laguna tells the story of a Mayan boy’s remarkable journey from childhood to adolescence. While Yu’uk and his younger brother José enjoy a childhood of uncommon freedom in the jungle, Yu’uk’s family’s problems begin to mount and leaving his village – and his beloved little brother – may be his family’s only hope.

Director: Theo Krish and Philip Joa
2016 / 26 min / United Kingdom

A small group of Palestinian teenagers gain the attention of the sporting world when they create a skateboarding scene in the heart of the West Bank – a place where you can’t even buy a skateboard – whilst facing the challenges of living under military occupation.

Director: Faizan Fiaz
2016 / 28 min / Pakistan, United Kingdom

Poshida takes the queer love story at the heart of Sufi Islam as its pivot, telling the hidden story of a range of queer people living in Pakistan, with particular insight into the political realities of transgender men and women. It is beautifully shot, poetic and sympathetic to the lives and struggles of the people it portrays.

Curated by Frontline Club's Editorial Director Julianne Rooney.

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This event forms part of the LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2017, taking place from Monday 20 - Saturday 25 February 2017, with the theme 'Revolutions'.

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