LSE Literary Festival 2016 - Podcasts and Videos

Podcasts and videos from the 2016 Literary Festival

Festival Fringe: Faithful Visions
Recorded on:  16 February 2016
Speakers:  Mark Lawson, Jonathan Moore

Festival Fringe: Getting Real about Utopia
Recorded on:  17 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Justin Champion, Dr John Guy, Kwasi Kwarteng, Gisela Stuart

Festival Fringe: Can Imagination Change the World?
Recorded on:  18 February 2016
Speaker:  Professor Craig Calhoun

The Innovations of the Future
Recorded on:  22 February 2016
Speaker:  Alec Ross

Creating and Challenging Utopia: new perspectives in Jewish history
Recorded on:  22 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Michael Berkowitz, Professor David De Vries, Dr Sharman Kadish

The Allure of Happy Endings
Recorded on:  22 February 2016
Speakers:  Dr Molly Crockett, Professor Paul Dolan, Sinéad Moriarty

Idealistic, Ostentatious or Indispensable? Examining the Utopian Aims of Philanthropy
Recorded on:  22 February 2016
Speakers:  Dr Rory Brooks, Rebecca Eastmond, Dr William MacAskill, Caroline Mason

Art and Wellbeing: the growing impact of arts on health
Recorded on:  23 February 2016
Speakers:  Lizz Brady, James Leadbitter, David McDaid, Vivienne Parry

We Don't Have to Live Like This: experiments in utopian living
Recorded on:  23 February 2016
Speakers:  Michael Caines, Benjamin Markovits, Jacqueline Yallop

The Political Novel
Recorded on:  23 February 2016
Speaker:  Robert Harris

Utopias in History
Recorded on:  24 February 2016
Speakers:  Dr Tim Hochstrasser, Dr Padraic Scanlan

Uninvited Arrivals: refugees and the challenge of responsibility
Recorded on:  24 February 2016
Speakers:  Dr Ruben Andersson, Professor Lilie Chouliaraki, Dr Myria Georgiou, Dr Pierluigi Musarò

Imagining African Futures
Recorded on:  24 February 2016
Speakers:  Leye Adenle, Jennifer Makumbi, Chibundu Onuzo

Fact versus Fiction? The Spanish Civil War in the Literary Imagination
Recorded on:  24 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Helen Graham, Eduardo Mendoza, Professor Paul Preston

Festival Fringe: Disaster Capitalism: in conversation with Antony Loewenstein
Recorded on:  24 February 2016
Speakers:  Dr Brenna Bhandar, Dr Marsha Henry, Antony Loewenstein

Utopia in the Twenty-first Century
Recorded on:  25 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Ruth Levitas

Looking Eastwards: cultural exchange with the Islamic world
Recorded on:  25 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Jerry Brotton, Dr Peter Frankopan

One School, Two Visions
Recorded on:  25 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Michael Cox, Professor Chandran Kukathas

How can we Transform the Economic Lives of the Ultra Poor?
Recorded on:  26 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Robin Burgess, Professor Naila Kabeer, Lewis Temple

Utopia: getting somewhere or going nowhere?
Recorded on:  26 February 2016
Speakers:  Toby Litt, Patrick Parrinder, Samantha Shannon

United Nations on Trial
Recorded on:  26 February 2016
Speakers:  The Hon. Mr Justice Jay, Gráinne Mellon, Professor Gerry Simpson, Paul Clark, Natalie Samarasinghe, Dr Nazila Ghanea, Professor Francoise Hampson, Antony Loewenstein, Carne Ross

To Boldly Go: what Star Trek tells us about the world
Recorded on:  26 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Michèle Barrett, Duncan Barrett, Professor Barry Buzan, Professor Steven French

Party Animals: growing up communist
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speaker:  David Aaronovitch

Ideals of Equality: feminisms in the twenty-first century
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor Sophie-Grace Chappell, Professor Heidi Mirza, Professor Jacqueline Rose, Zoe Williams

Re-Writing the Past vs Imagining the Future
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Miriam Halahmy, Philip Womack, M M Vaughan

My Friend Maigret: escapism, dreams and the imagination in Simenon
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Professor John Gray, Ros Schwartz, John Simenon

Utopian Gardening, Landscapes and the Imagination
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Anna Pavord, Dan Pearson, Margaret Willes

BBC: British Born Chinese
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Dr Elena Barabantseva, Anna Chen, Andy Lawrence, Dr Véronique Pin-Fat

The Future City: cruel or consoling Utopia?
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Darran Anderson, Dr Matthew Beaumont, Professor Rachel Cooper

Re-Writing History
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Tom Holland, Margaret MacMillan

Worlds Elsewhere: global Shakespeare
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Ben Crystal, Andrew Dickson, Dr Varsha Panjwani

Out of our Bodies: can we ever free consciousness?
Recorded on:  27 February 2016
Speakers:  Ned Beauman, Dr Kate Devlin, Professor Nicholas Humphrey