Literary Festival 2015 - Podcasts & Videos

Literary Festival 2015: A Little Gay History
Speaker: Richard Parkinson
Chair: Sue Donnelly

Literary Festival 2015: Words in Time and Place
Speaker: David Crystal
Chair: Professor Jennifer Richards

Literary Festival 2015: Philanthropic Partnerships: innovation and social change
Speakers: Dr Lee Elliot Major, Clare Woodcraft-Scott
Chair: Dr Felicity Jones

Literary Festival 2015: Language, Landscape and Identity in Palestine
Speaker: Raja Shehadeh
Chair: Professor Craig Calhoun

Literary Festival 2015: An Eye for Life
Speakers: Marion Coutts, Ali Smith
Chair: Maggie Fergusson

Literary Festival 2015: Foundations of Faith
Speakers: Sarah Perry, Professor Graham Ward
Chair: The Revd Dr James Walters

Literary Festival 2015: The 'School': the LSE from the Webbs to the Third Way
Speaker: Professor Michael Cox
Chair: Sue Donnelly

Literary Festival 2015: The China Dream
Speakers: Professor William A Callahan, Chan Koonchung, Isabel Hilton
Chair: Dr Hans Steinmüller

Literary Festival 2015: Commemorating 1815: politics and the arts after Waterloo
Speakers: Dr Tim Hochstrasser, Dr Kirsten Schulze, Professor Alan Sked, Dr Paul Stock
Chair: Dr Paul Keenan

Literary Festival 2015: Thought Stories: philosophy for a young audience
Speakers: Professor Luc Bovens, Anne Fine, Peter Worley
Chair: Emma Worley

Literary Festival 2015: Perceptions of Madness: understanding mental illness through art, literature and drama
Speakers: Dr Sarah Carr, Paul Farmer, Nathan Filer, Dr John McGowan
Chair: Professor Martin Knapp

Literary Festival 2015: The Soul of the Marionette: a short inquiry into human freedom
Speaker: Professor John Gray
Chair: Dr Danielle Sands

Literary Festival 2015: Origins, Translations and Adaptation: from page to stage
Speakers: David Harsent, Jeremy Sams
Chair: Dr Angus Wrenn

Literary Festival 2015: "My Purse, My Person": money and identity
Speakers: David Birch, Professor Nigel Dodd, Tom Hockenhull, Professor Nicky Marsh
Chair: Izabella Kaminska

Literary Festival 2015: The Forum: shaking up foundations (via BBC iplayer)
Speakers: Professor Armand Leroi, Matt Parker, Will Self, Leslie Vinjamuri
Chair: Bridget Kendall

Literary Festival 2015: High Culture and the Western Canon: has the fightback begun?
Speakers: Professor Sarah Churchwell, Jonty Claypole, Maya Jaggi, Frederic Raphael
Chair: Professor Maurice Fraser

Literary Festival 2015: A Magna Carta for Humanity: homing in on human rights
Speaker: Professor Francesca Klug
Chair: Professor Conor Gearty

Literary Festival 2015: Music and Poetry: common foundations
Speakers: Professor Ian Bostridge, Dr Armand D’Angour, Professor Fiona Sampson
Chair: Richard Bronk

Literary Festival 2015: Why Do You Write? And Can Knowing That Even Help? With Jonathan Gibbs

Literary Festival 2015: The Human Age? Art and Identity in the Anthropocene
Speakers: Dr Matthew Griffiths, Gaia Vince, Dr Kathryn Yusoff
Chair: Dr Danielle Sands

Literary Festival 2015: Rerum Cognoscere Causas: understanding our classical foundations
Speakers: Professor Barbara Graziosi, Edith Hall, Tom Holland, Sir Peter Stothard
Chair: Dr Llewelyn Morgan

Literary Festival 2015: Digital Personhood and Identity
Speakers: Luke Dormehl, Aleks Krotoski, Professor Sonia Livingstone, Professor Andrew Murray
Chair: Sierra Williams

Literary Festival 2015: Rebellion and Foundation: Southeast Asia, the UK and 50 years of development
Speakers: Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Nickson Fong, Yang-May Ooi
Chair: Dr Felicia Yap

Literary Festival 2015: Communicating Chronic Pain
Speakers: Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam, Dr Deborah Padfield, Jude Rosen
Chair: Dr Elena Gonzalez-Polledo

Literary Festival 2015: Is There Life in the Novel of Ideas?
Speakers: Professor Peter Boxall, Jennie Erdal, Andrew O’Hagan
Chair: Michael Caines

Literary Festival 2015: The Stones of Venice: foundations and future
Speakers: Polly Coles, Jane Da Mosto, Liza Fior, Jonathan Keates
Chair: Professor Richard Sennett

Literary Festival 2015: Visions of Future Humans: science fiction and human enhancement
Speakers: Dr Caroline Edwards, Professor Adam Roberts, Anders Sandberg
Chair: Imre Bard

Literary Festival 2015: Changing Worlds
Speakers: Neel Mukherjee, Elif Shafak
Chair: Bidisha