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The LSE events leaflet is the public events listing for the London School of Economics and Political Science.

A full colour, 40 page booklet, it is published three times a year (September, January and April) by the Communications Division. Around 38,000 copies of the booklet are produced each term, of which 7,500 are mailed direct to those people on our events programme mailing list. Another 14,000 are distributed all over the capital via London Calling to cultural venues, bars, cafes restaurants, libraries, higher education centres, think tanks, and city institutions, where they have a 94 per cent pick up rate. The remaining 16,500 are distributed on the LSE campus and read by LSE students and staff, as well as visitors to LSE. Those 7,500 on the events mailing list include LSE governors and honorary fellows, LSE alumni, staff from government departments, foreign embassies, non governmental organisations, and businesses as well as members of the general public. All of those on the mailing list have requested to receive the programme.

LSE is the world's leading institution for the teaching and research of the social sciences. LSE has over 8,000 students from more than 150 different countries. LSE alumni and former staff include 16 Nobel Prize winners in Economics, Peace or Literature, around 28 past or present heads of state and 60 UK MPs or members of the House of Lords. It is also posted online as a pdf.

Rates as of January 2017

LSE academic units and administrative divisions get a 35% on the rates listed below.

Ad Position



Full Internal Page


All full colour.

Half Internal Page



Inside Front Page



Back Page



Size and Specifications

Trim (HxW)

Text Area


Full Page

210 x 148mm

202 x 140mm

216 x 154mm

Half page (horizontal)

103.5 x 148mm

95.5 x 140mm

109.5 x 154mm

Ads are required in electronic form in any of the following standard formats:
Quark 7, IllustratorCS3, InDesignCS3, EPS, TIFF (300dpi at size used), Photoshop
PSD (300dpi), or high resolution PDF. The files are to be supplied on a Mac
readable disc (CD, DVD, etc) with all fonts and linked images included.
If the fonts used are not Mac versions, please convert all text to outlines.

Copy Deadlines


Ad Confirmation and Copy Received

Publication Date

Lent Term 2023

 30 October 2022

December 2022

Summer Term 2023

 25 February 2023

April 2023

Design Unit

LSE's Design Unit can design adverts on behalf of outside organisations wishing to place adverts in the leaflet. For a competitive price, they will design your ad to fit into the style of the leaflet as a whole.

For design rates please contact the Design Unit.

To view the current leaflet please see the LSE Events Programme page.


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