LSE Missing Giant Vote

Which "Giant" issue would a modern day Beveridge prioritise? You chose "Sustainability".

We polled LSE students, staff and alumni for their suggestions as to Beveridge's missing giants. From this list the sixth "Giant" chosen by the public was Sustainability, narrowly beating Equity follwed by Loneliness, Extremism and Security. Watch the videos below to see the pitches for each issue. #LSEmissinggiantvote

Missing Giant - Sustainability Missing Giant - Sustainability
Dr Rebecca Elliott pitches for Sustainability by James Rattee/LSE

Listen again to the debate between all six "Giants" at the final event of the LSE Festival,  The Giants of 2020

Video pitches for the other "Missing Giants":

Missing Giant - Equity Missing Giant - Equity
Dr Michael Muthukrishna pitches for Equity by James Rattee/LSE
Missing Giant- Isolation/Loneliness Missing Giant- Isolation/Loneliness
Dr Sara Evans-Lacko pitches for Isolation/Loneliness by James Rattee/LSE
Missing Giant - Security Missing Giant - Security
Dr Joseph Downing pitches for Security by James Rattee/LSE
Missing Giant - Extremism Missing Giant - Extremism
Dr Brian Klaas pitches for Extremism by James Rattee/LSE