Population Health in the 21st Century: path to progress

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Professor Harlan Krumholz

Professor Harlan Krumholz


Professor Alistair McGuire

Professor Alistair McGuire

This lecture will review the challenges of today’s health care infrastructure and economic models, and propose solutions for tomorrow.

We find ourselves in the early 21st century with a plethora of data and a paucity of personalised information to transform care and outcomes. With ever more investments in health care, ever more digital data, ever more computational power, we find that our health indices are declining, our disparities increasing, and ability to translate the life science revolution into tangible population health gains diminishing. In what should be the golden age of health, we are caught in neutral at best, and, in some cases, reverse. Our health care infrastructure was built for a different age, and the economic models, poorly suited to current opportunities, resist change that is necessary for progress. 

Meet our speaker and chair

Harlan Krumholz (@hmkyale) is a cardiologist and scientist at Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital. He is the Harold H Hines, Jr Professor of Medicine and founder and Director of the Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE), one of the nation’s most prominent groups working to improve health and health care. He is a leading expert in the science to improve the quality and efficiency of care, reduce disparities, improve integrity in medical research, and avoid wasteful practices.

Alistair McGuire (@Alimcguire2) is Head of Department and Chair of Health Economics in the Department of Health Policy at LSE. His research interests cover all topics in health economics, including international comparisons, economics of the hospital, public/private sector interface and cost-effectiveness analysis of health technologies. 

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