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Dr Nadine El-Enany

Dr Nadine El-Enany

Professor David Harradine

Professor David Harradine

Dr Danielle Sands

Dr Danielle Sands


Dr Sarah Fine

Dr Sarah Fine

What role does empathy play in our social, moral, and political life? What are its limits? Can we be ethical without it?

In an age of stark political division and inequality, kindness seems a rare commodity and the failings in our social, moral, and political life are often thought to stem from a lack of empathy. For others, empathy leads to biased decision-making and distracts us from addressing society’s structural problems. But what is empathy? What are its limits? Can there be empathy between humans and other animals? Can our societal and political problems be alleviated without it, or is an ethical life impossible without empathy? Join Nadine El-Enany, David Harradine, and Danielle Sands as they explore the nature of empathy.

Nadine El-Enany (@NadineElEnany) is a Senior Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck.

David Harradine (@davidharradine) is Professor of Interdisciplinary Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Danielle Sands (@DanielleCSands) is a Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Thought at RHUL.

Sarah Fine (@DrSJFine) is a Fellow of the Forum for Philosophy at LSE and Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at King's College.

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