The Economics of Belonging: a radical plan to win back the left behind and achieve prosperity for all

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Martin Sandbu

Martin Sandbu


Professor Alan Manning

Professor Alan Manning

As the coronavirus crisis shows, the western social contract is threadbare. In his new book The Economics of Belonging, which he will talk about in this online event, Martin Sandbu traces the economic roots of polarisation, showing that globalisation has been wrongly blamed. He proposes a programme of "centrists radicalism" that can restore an economy that works for everyone while maintaining international openness.

Martin Sandbu (@MESandbu) is the Financial Times's European Economics Commentator. He also writes Free Lunch, the FT's weekly newsletter on the global economic policy debate. He has been writing for the FT since 2009, when he joined the paper as Economics Leader Writer.

Before joining the FT, he worked in academia and policy consulting. He has taught and carried out research at Harvard, Columbia and the Wharton School, and has advised governments and NGOs on natural resources and economic development. He is the author of three books, on business ethics, the euro, and on "the economics of belonging". He was educated at the universities of Oxford and Harvard.

Alan Manning (@alanmanning4) is professor of economics at the London School of Economics. He was chair of the UK Migration Advisory Committee until earlier this year. His expertise is on labour markets including, but not confined to, the impact of migration.

You can order the book, The Economics of Belonging: A Radical Plan to Win Back the Left Behind and Achieve Prosperity for All, (UK delivery only) from our official LSE Events independent book shop, Pages of Hackney.

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