Understanding Automated Decisions

Hosted by LSE Arts

Atrium Gallery, Old Building

People need to understand how automated systems make decisions, because they increasingly operate in important areas of life. Right now, this is difficult because there’s a lack of clear, effective ways of communicating how these complex systems produce decisions. And many systems are not built with explainability in mind.

What are automated decisions? How are our data and digital footprints processed to make these decisions? Can we design these systems so it’s easier for people to understand the decisions they make? Who should oversee and the individual and societal effects of automated decision making systems?

To explore questions like these, the Understanding Automated Decisions project, directed by Dr Alison Powell of the LSE Department of Media and Communication in partnership with technology studio, IF, presents a unique research and design collaboration. It is funded by a grant from Open Society Foundations.

In our exhibit you’ll be invited to investigate how to make data-based, automated decision-making systems more understandable. We’ll explore how automated systems operate and how to engage people with issues of bias, transparency and accountability. We’ll also ask about who should be responsible for ensuring fairness or justice in our automated systems.

There will be an opening wine reception in the Atrium on Monday 29 October at 7 pm.

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