CATS at EGU 2013

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2013

8-12 April 2013, Vienna

Leonard Smith presented a short course:
'Predictability in Theory and Predictability in Practice'

Ewelina Sienkiewicz presented a poster by A.S. Jarman and L.A. Smith:
'Forecasting the Probability of Tropical Cyclone Formation: the reliability of NHC forecasts from the 2012 hurricane season', Abstract.

Nick Watkins gave four presentations:
'The scaling of wild events in stochastic models: the Fisher limit, the Mandelbrot limit, and FARIMA as a model of the intermediate cases'

'Bayesian Analysis of Non-Gaussian Long-Range Dependent Processes'

'Compound Extremes and Bunched Black (or Grouped Grey) Swans'

'A spatio-temporal analysis of US station temperature trends over the last century' 

Nick Watkins and David Stainforth co-authored two presentations given by Sandra Chapman:
'Mapping the changing pattern of local climate as an observed distribution'

'An observationally centred method to quantify local climate change as a distribution'

CATS at EGU Abstracts