CATS at EGU 2012

European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, 22-27 April 2012

CATS Members gave the following presentations at the EGU General Assembly 2012:

23 April 2012

Lopez, A. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Will current probabilistic climate change information, as such, improve adaptation?'. Abstract.

Jarman, A. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Misleading estimates of forecast quality: quantifying skill with sequential forecasts'. Abstract.

Surminski, S. and Ranger, N. (2012) 'The impact of climate change on the BRICS economies: The case of insurance demand'. Abstract.

25 April 2012

Chapman, S.C., Stainforth, D.A. and Watkins, N.W. (2012) 'Evaluating the sensitivity of local temperature distributions to global climate change'. Abstract.

Suckling, E. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Do quantitative decadal forecasts from GCMs provide decision relevant skill?'. Abstract.

Stainforth, D.A. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Linearity, climate sensitivity and climate changes in the surface temperature field'. Abstract.

26 April 2012

Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Sustainable odds: towards quantitative decision support when relevant probabilities are not available'. Abstract.

Surminski, S., Holt Andersen, B., Hohl, R. and Andersen, S. (2012) 'Applying Earth Observation Data to agriculture risk management: a public-private collaboration to develop drought maps in North-East China'. Abstract.

27 April 2012

Suckling, E. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Gradient descent assimilation for the point vortex model'. Abstract.



23 April 2012

Lopez, A. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Signal, Insight and Noise: contrasting the decision relevance of climate models with climate science'. Abstract.

Wheatcroft, E. (2012) 'Using shadowing ratios to evaluate data assimilation techniques'. Abstract.

24 April 2012

Jarman, A. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Distinguishing between skill and value in hurricane forecasting'. Abstract

25 April 2012

Du, H., Niehoerster, F. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Insightful measures of predictive skill in seasonal forecasts'. Abstract.

Maynard, T., Suckling, E., Wheatcroft, E. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Skills scores for probabilistic climate and weather prediction'. Abstract.

Lopez, A. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Pattern scaled climate change scenarios: Are these useful for adaptation?'. Abstract.

26 April 2012

Du, H. and Smith, L.A. (2012) 'Parameter estimation with ignorance'. Abstract.