Blue-Green Cities Workshops

Uncertainty Workshop 1

Date: 18 July 2013

Aim: To investigate the flows of data and information through the model cascade and highlight specific links between work packages, e.g. sharing of data, passing data from one WP to another, using information from research in one WP to inform decisions in another WP. Also discussing uncertainty jargon.

Uncertainty Workshop 2

Date: 11 November 2013

Aim: Investigating uncertainty in greater detail – what types of uncertainties are inherent in each model, how can these uncertainties be quantified, how do unquantifiable uncertainties propagate throughout the model cascade?

Identifying the "bigger picture" uncertainties: 

•  how do we combine qualitative and quantitative uncertainties? 
•  is the cascade of uncertainty always directed or can there be feedbacks and 'mixing'? 
•  how much detail on uncertainty are stakeholders interested in? 
•  which uncertainties can we only characterise and talk about vs. which can we reduce? 
•  what are our largest uncertainties? 
•  which parts of the model are most sensitive to change? 
•  how will we tackle uncertainty in climate change models and future scenarios?