Integrated Ocean Observing System


Dr Ralph Rayner is the industry liaison for the US Integrated Ocean Observating System (IOOS). Dr Rayner acts as the information point for a broad range of relevant industries; implements and manages a network for the exchange of information; and organises outreach workshops which promote the socioeconomic benefits of ocean observations. He also supports the interface between US IOOS and regional initiatives in other countries as well as the interface with the United Nations coordinated Global Ocean Observing System. 
Funded by
US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Principal Investigator at LSE
Dr Ralph Rayner

Grant value (to LSE)

Project duration
1 October 2007 - ongoing

Dr Rayner gave a presentation on the Global Ocean Observing System at the CATS 10th Anniversary event in October 2010. See talk slides.


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