Leonard A Smith: Graduate Students



DPhil Students

Name      Dept.    Thesis titleYear
Ewelina Sienkiewicz Stats Predictability and the decay of information in mathematical and physical systems 2017
Edward Wheatcroft Stats Improving predictability of the future by grasping probability less tightly 2016
Trevor Maynard Stats Extreme insurance and the dynamics of risk 2016
Sarah Higgins Stats Limitations to seasonal weather prediction and crop forecasting due to nonlinearity and model inadequacy 2015
Alex Jarman Stats On the provision, reliability, and use of hurricane forecasts on all timescales 2014
Roman Binter Stats Applied probabilistic forecasting 2012
Edward Tredger Stats On the evaluation of uncertainties in climate models 2009
Hailiang Du Stats Combining statistical methods with dynamical insight to improve nonlinear estimation 2009
Anna Andrianova Stats Simulation of temperature time-series on long time scales with application to pricing weather derivatives 2009
Reason Machete Maths Model inadequacies in a simple physical system 2008
Milena Cuellar Stats  Perspectives and advances in parameter estimation of nonlinear models 2007  
Liam Clarke  Maths   Nonlinear time series analysis of data streams 2004 
Alexandra Guerrero  Maths  Scaling exponents of deterministic and stochastic systems 2002
David Orrell  Maths  Modelling nonlinear dynamical systems: chaos, uncertainty, and error 2001   
Patrick McSharry  Maths  Innovations in consistent nonlinear deterministic prediction 1999   
Isla Gilmour  Maths  Nonlinear model evaluation: ɩ-shadowing, probabilistic prediction and weather forecasting 1999 
James Hansen  Physics  Adaptive observations in spatially-extended nonlinear dynamical systems   1998
Jerome Ellepola  Eng   Nucleate boiling: nonlinear spatio-temporal variations in wall temperature  1997
Myles Allen Physics Interactions between the atmosphere and oceans on time scales of weeks to years 1992

Masters Students

J Guan (MSc) Stats Predictability: ignorance and the information deficit 2017
Z Li (MSc)  Stats Nonlinear analysis and prediction of returns 2017
Hailiang Du (MSc) Stats Statistical modelling of grid-frequency time Series 2006
Kate Oliver (MPhil) Maths Red noise and chaos: towards consistent nonlinear signal separation 2001
Liam Clarke (MSc) Maths Rogue thermocouple detection 1999  
T Hirose (MSc) Maths Roll resonance: motion prediction via nonlinear dynamics 1999
S Boyle (MSc) Maths Applications of optimal filters  1998  
Alexandra Guerrero (MSc) Maths Extracting variations in electricity demand from observed variations in grid frequency   1998
D Cresswell (MSc) Maths Quantifying changes in the forcing of nonlinear climate models 1997
M Flett (MSc) Maths Nonlinear damage estimation from observed grid frequency variations 1997 Distinction

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