Dr Edward Wheatcroft

Dr Edward Wheatcroft

Research Officer

Department of Statistics

Key Expertise
Time Series Analysis

About me


Ed is working on the EU Horizon 2020 funded project 'Improving Future Ecosystems Benefits through Earth Observations' (ECOPOTENTIAL) which aims to yield a better understanding of the effect of climate change on Ecosystems within protected areas around Europe. He is also working on the EU H2020 funded project 'Recovery of Urban Excess Heat' (ReUseHeat) which aims to demonstrate four different scalable systems designed to reuse and recycle unused heat streams in urban environments. His main research interests are probabilistic forecasting, forecast evaluation and data assimilation.

He did his PhD in the Centre for the Analysis of Time Series, starting in October 2010, as part of the RAPID‐RAPIT project, a collaborative project led by the National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton. In his thesis, he presented a variety of new techniques aimed at improving the performance of probabilistic forecasts of chaotic systems. This included a novel approach in which improved skill was shown to be obtained by combining forecasts launched at different points in time. During his PhD studies, Ed spent six months working on a NERC funded joint project with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) 'Improving the safety of RNLI operations through a better use of probabilistic weather information' (RNLI Project) in which various techniques were deployed to advise on how to give lifeboat crew better weather information in advance of and during rescue operations.