Sample will wording

If you are a resident of the UK outside of Scotland then you may find the following example of wording useful when you consider leaving a gift to LSE. If you live in Scotland or outside the UK, the language may provide a guide for you and your solicitor to talk about your will. In any case, it is highly recommend that the wording is carefully reviewed by you and your solicitor in the context of your will, and complies with the inheritance and tax laws of your country.

“I GIVE to the London School of Economics and Political Science (‘LSE’) of Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE,

× ___ _ per cent of (my estate/ the residue of my estate)*, OR,

× the sum of £________ (or such larger sum as my Trustees calculate to have the same value at my death as £________ had at the date of my will (or codicil)) OR,

× a specific item*: 


to be used for its general charitable purposes, OR,

for the following purpose**:


The receipt of the person appearing to my Executors or Trustees to be the authorised Officer of LSE shall be a full discharge to my Executors and Trustees who shall not thereafter be concerned as to the application of this gift.”

* - We recommend that you speak to the School’s legacy officer to ensure that our proposed handling of the item meets your wishes.
** - We recommend that you speak to the School's legacy officer to ensure that we are able to carry our your wishes