The University of London degree instilled in me a rigour in how I approach work that I’m really grateful for now that I’m on the master’s degree… to be accepted at the LSE for my master’s was a feeling I really don’t think I’ll ever have again in my life.
Daniel El-Gamry, BSc Politics and International Relations, UK. London School of Economics, MSc in International Relations, UK

Student success stories

EMFSS students, studying either through a global teaching institution or through independent learning, share their experiences and update us on their progress since graduating from the University of London.

Sameen Meenai graduation

Sameen Meenai
Pakistan | University College Lahore
BSc in Accounting and Finance

 “I had two sisters who had already done these degrees… I got to witness how far the degrees had taken them in their careers. When it was my turn it was quite the obvious choice.

The material that we got from the LSE… I don't think we could have found that kind of a direction elsewhere. We had a virtual learning environment, moderated discussion forums, and we could post our problems and receive replies from people who knew what they were talking about. Even right before the exams, if you had a question you could post and you would definitely get a reply.

I think the best part was being able to get a world-class degree sitting at home. It brings the LSE, it brings the University of London, closer to you. I never felt like I wasn't a part of the university. Today when I came here [to graduate], I got to meet so many people who were actually my classmates. I just never met them before. It's overwhelming, it's a feeling I really can't describe."

Sameen is now studying an MSc in Financial Economics at the University of Oxford, which she “definitely” felt prepared for after completing her EMFSS undergraduate course.

Hariharan Jayashankar graduation

Hariharan Jayashankar
India | Podar World College
BSc in Economics and Finance 

"I attended a school which had a partnership with the University of London programme... I was applying to other colleges as well, but the material seemed superior. The best part was the course material... it was structured in such a way that it helped me to think analytically. We were well prepared for a Masters degree and for a quantitative job, and it was very intellectually stimulating."

Hariharan is now undertaking his Masters in Economics at the LSE, and believes the undergraduate degree prepared him for this next step. He hopes to complete a PhD in the future and to work as a “resource assistant or maybe in an economic think-tank."

Yuriy Babenko graduation

Yuriy Babenko
Russia | Independent Learning
BSc in Economics and Management

"LSE is the primary institution for economics. As international students, we benefited highly from the LSE's academic guidance, study guide books and from the academic direction of professors, who have created the courses. It was an essential part of the program for me."

Yuriy is a network engineer at a telecommunications provider. He enjoyed the independence and flexible study with the International Programmes.

“I could choose the mode of learning myself and got guidance from the university, so I could mix it with my daily work and family etcetera."

The University of London degree is the second degree Yuriy has been awarded, following an Engineering degree, and it has benefited his professional outlook.

“I believe in multi-degree education. That's my hope for myself to be able to profit, to benefit from this degree and basically have these two different lenses on this complex world where we are today."

Shana Schwetangi at LSE

Shana Schwetangi
Singapore | Singapore Institute of Management
BSc in Banking and Finance

MSc in Accounting and Finance

Shana studied with the University of London at Singapore Institute of Management, an affilate teaching institution in Singapore, before moving to the UK to complete her Masters degree at the LSE.

“My University of London degree has definitely prepared me for my master’s, because it gave me such a strong technical background in all of the subjects that I’m studying.”

Ka-Man Kwok graduation

Ka-Man Kwok
Hong Kong | HKU Space
BSc in Accounting and Finance
Graduate Diploma in Economics

“I chose to study with the University of London mainly because of its reputation and quality. For me, the purpose of the getting this degree was for my career movement. As such, I would need a degree of high standard… During the study, I learned how to be motivated, independent, focussed, how to manage time, how to plan for examinations and develop examination strategy. I think these are the best things one can get by studying a challenging degree. If you have a goal, you stay focussed and find ways to achieve it.”

Ka-Man studied at a teaching institution in Hong Kong, of whom she credits for their support during her studies. She is currently a secretary in the field of finance and hopes to continue her professional growth.

Michael Seaver graduation

Michael Seaver
Ireland | Independent Learning
BSc in Politics and International Relations

“Politics is something that I've always been interested in. I thought that doing a part-time degree would be a way to kind of formalize the things that I wanted to learn about politics and international relations…it was a way for me to structure my learning. The flexibility that was there was obviously something I needed because I have a full-time job and my own family... [As] a lot more learning goes online, it is important to know that who you're studying with has an academic pedigree behind it. Certainly, the name University of London and LSE means that you have absolutely no worries about that.”

Michael pursued his degree due to his personal interest in politics. The flexibility of our courses made achieving this degree viable for Michael, an experience he “enjoyed every minute” of. Though not looking for a career change, Michael will consider undergoing a Masters in the future.

Darrell Lua at LSE

Darrell Lua
Singapore | Singapore Institute of Management

BSc in Accounting and Finance

MSc in Finance and Private Equity

Darrell studied with the University of London at Singapore Institute of Management, an affilate teaching institution in Singapore, before moving to the UK to complete his Masters degree at the LSE.

“The master’s degree at LSE is very demanding and if I did not take the University of London International programme as my choice back then, I would definitely be struggling right now.”

Hiroshi Kawaguchi graduation

Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Japan | Independent Learning
Graduate Diploma in Management

“I’ve always wanted to study at a UK university because of the worldwide reputation. Luckily, I discovered that the University of London offered distance learning at an affordable price. That’s why I decided to apply for the programme.”

Hiroshi was working full time whilst he undertook his independent studies, and although he recalls that it was a challenge, he persisted and followed a planned schedule of study, “…it was a very exciting for me… I can now utilize the knowledge I earned through the Management course in my job to enhance the company's performance.”

Since completing his Graduate Diploma, Hiroshi has continued to use his academic knowledge to the benefit of his full time job at a trading company in Japan. He aims to continue his studies in the future.