International Programmes Board


Meeting dates       


Wednesday 27 November 2019, 14:00 – 16:00 (OLD 5.11)


Wednesday 4 March 2020, 14:00 – 16:00 (CON 7.05)

Wednesday 17 June 2020, 14:00 – 16:00 (CON 7.05) 


Chair -  Dean, University of London Programmes at LSE (ex officio)

Director, University of London Programmes at LSE (ex officio)

Academic Director, University of London Programmes at LSE (ex officio)

All EMFSS Academic Coordinators

Associate Academic Director, University of London Programmes at LSE (ex officio)

Pro-Director (Education) (ex officio)

Head of Operations, University of London Programmes at LSE

Chair of the Board of Examiners (ex officio) 

In attendance

Representatives from the University of London:

Associate Director (Governance) Student and Academic Services Directorate (ex officio)

Academic Services Manager (EMFSS), University of London (ex officio)

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Terms of Reference and Membership (2019/20)

Background: University of London Worldwide (UoLW) offers a wide range of programmes, at both undergraduate and graduate level. The University provides central management and administration for the programmes through UoLW (formally the University of London International Programmes); various colleges of the University, including the School, act as Member Institutions for the programmes offered through UoLW and provide the necessary academic direction both to students and to a network of Registered Teaching Centres. The School’s set of degree and diploma programmes is known as the Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences (EMFSS) programme.

Core responsibility:The principal work of the IPB is to ensure that the academic direction of the EMFSS programmes is appropriately discharged.

Specific responsibilities:

1. To ensure that the participation of the School in the University of London programmes for which it provides academic direction meets all the requirements of the School and the University in respect of quality enhancement, assurance and control. This requires that the IPB:

i. Periodically investigates and, where appropriate, modifies the programme regulations and the specifications for each of the EMFSS programmes.

ii. Considers proposals for the introduction of new courses or programmes under the umbrella of the EMFSS programmes put forward by LSE academics or other appropriate individuals.

iii. Oversees, via an annual reporting mechanism and the responsibilities delegated to the Examinations Working Group (EWG), the examination process to ensure the maintenance of appropriate standards. This oversight includes the procedure for the appointment of Course Convenors, Examiners, and External Examiners, the proper scrutiny of examination papers, the marking of the scripts, the conduct of the various examination boards, and advising on any problems that might arise.

iv. Sets and monitors academic standards, via receipt of the Annual Programme Report and other appropriate mechanisms, to ensure that they are in line with the required quality assurance benchmarks.

2. To assist, via the responsibilities delegated to the Institutions Working Group (IWG), in the monitoring of the activities of overseas institutions including the Certificate of Higher Education (Social Science).

3. To advise on those issues central to the running of the EMFSS programmes and for which University of London Worldwide has major responsibility, e.g. student admission issues, institution monitoring, etc.

4. To receive an annual report on International Programmes at LSE and to submit this report to the Academic & Students Affairs Committee (ASC).



Contact details 

Tim Fletcher (Acting Secretary) 

Senior Programme Manager, University of London Programmes at LSE