Arriving early at your hall

Stay in London before your accommodation starts

If you have a term-time place in halls, you may be able to book an 'early arrival' for August/September. This page explains how the process works.

February 2020 update
Early arrival bookings are not open yet. You will see the option in your accommodation system account once it is ready. We will send you an alert when you can book. 

When and if you can arrive early depends on your circumstances. The booking system will show you your options.

Early arrival dates

If you are not on a pre-sessional course:
You can arrive from 1 September 2020 at High Holborn Residence, Northumberland House, Sidney Webb House, Carr-Saunders Hall, Passfield Hall and Rosebery Hall. You can arrive at Butler’s Wharf Residence from 13 September.

If you are on a pre-sessional course:
You can arrive at Bankside House, High Holborn Residence, Northumberland House and Sidney Webb House from 23 August 2020.

Booking early arrival accommodation

Depending on your hall, follow option A, B or C.

A. LSE halls and Sidney Webb House

If you are at one of these halls, you may be able to book extra nights before your contract, subject to availability.

Bankside House
Carr-Saunders Hall
High Holborn Residence
Northumberland House
Passfield Hall
Rosebery Hall
Sidney Webb House

To make a booking, follow the steps in your accommodation account. If you decide you want to arrive early after you booked your term-time room, you can do this at any time form your Accommodation status screen. 

Room types

We will try to offer you your room type. But if that isn't available, the online booking system will offer you an alternative room.

If you're in a shared room during term-time, you can only book a single room for early arrival (except in Butler's Wharf Residence). That means you may need to move room before term starts. 

Room moves

If we can't offer you your room for the early arrival part of your stay, you will have to move rooms before term starts. We try to have your term-time room ready for you as early as possible, so you can move in before the check-in weekend, but that's not always possible. For general arrival days of all halls, see: Preparing for arrival in halls

B. Butler's Wharf Residence

At Butler's Wharf Residence, you can arrive from 13 September onwards. If you're on a presessional course and need to arrive earlier, you can temporarily stay at Bankside House. To book this, you need to: 

1 - book your arrival from 13 September in the accommodation system
2 - email accommodation@lse.ac.uk and request a booking code
3- book the first part of your stay at Bankside House (check-in from 23 August) on lsevacations.co.uk using your discount code

You will have to move from Bankside House to Butler's Wharf Residence on 13 September.

C. All other halls

This includes:

College Hall (UoL)
Connaught House (UoL)
International Hall (except flats) (UoL)
Lilian Knowles House (Sanctuary Students)
Lillian Penson Hall (UoL)
Nutford House (UoL)
The Garden Halls (UoL)
urbanest King’s Cross
urbanest Westminster Bridge

You can’t book an early arrival through the accommodation system, but you may be able to stay in a temporary residence. We will offer you a discount of 20 per cent on our commercial rates. 

Discount code

To get your discount code, log into your accommodation account and from your Accommodation Status screen, follow the step for booking an early arrival. The discount code will be displayed to you.

Key information, prices and terms and conditions

Early arrival accommodation prices

Depending on when you arrive, what you're going to study, and whether you're staying in halls during term-time, you'll pay either the term-time (pre-sessional) rate or our commercial rates minus 20 per cent. Both are really good value for a place to stay in Central London.

In short, the price you pay depends on:

  • whether you're on a pre-sessional course or not (see list below)
  • your arrival date (pre-sessional rates are available from two days before the start of your pre-sessional course)
  • your term-time hall

The term-time (pre-sessional) rate applies from up to two days before the start of your pre-sessional academic course. If you arrive even earlier than two days before your course starts, you will be charged our commercial rate minus 20 per cent. 

Courses that qualify for the pre-sessional rate 2020/21

  • MSc in Finance and Economics
  • MRes in Finance MSc in Economics
  • MRes in Economics 
  • MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics 
  • MSc in Economics and Philosophy
  • MRes in Quantitative Economic History 
  • MSc in Economics and Management
  • MSc in Quantitative Economic History
  • MSc Economics (two year programme) 
  • Atlantic Fellows (Residential)
  • MSc in Quantitative Methods for Risk Management
  • MSc in Financial Mathematics
  • Atlantic Fellows (Non-residential)
  • MSc in Finance (full-time) 
  • MSc in Finance and Private Equity
  • MSc in Risk and Finance
  • Global Masters in Management (2 year programme)
  • MSc in Management (12 month programme) 
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA) 
  • MSc in Accounting, Organisations and Institutions
  • Master of Laws 
  • MSc in Law and Accounting
  • MSc in Media, Communication and Development
  • MSc in Strategic Communications
  • MSc in Management and Strategy 
  • MSc Double Degree in Global Media and Communications (LSE and Fudan)
  • MSc Double Degree in Global Media and Communications (LSE and UCT) 
  • MSc Double Degree in Global Media and Communications (LSE and USC) 
  • MSc in Politics and Communication
  • MSc in Media and Communications
  • MSc in Media and Communications (Research) 
  • MSc in Media and Communications (Data and Society) 
  • MSc in Media and Communications (Media and Communication Governance) 
  • MSc in Global Politics
  • MSc in Comparative Politics 
  • MSc in Political Science and Political Economy
  • MSc in Political Theory
  • MSc in Conflict Studies 
  • MSc Double Degree in Public Administration and Government (LSE and PKU) 
  • MSc in Public Policy and Administration
  • MSc in Regulation
  • MSc in Marketing 
  • attendees of EC400 or EC451 and the African Leadership Programme will also be eligible

Breakfast charge at High Holborn Residence

At High Holborn Residence, you'll be paying an additional £4.50 per day on top of the pre-sessional (term-time) rate until contract starts. That's because breakfast is included during the early arrival part of your stay.

Discounted commercial rates

If you're not on one of the courses listed, or you're not living in LSE halls during term-time, you you’ll get a student discount of 20 per cent on our commercial rates. For our commercial rates, see: www.lsevacations.co.uk. Remember to use your discount code. 

What to expect in the hall if you arrive early

If you arrive early, there won't be many other students in your hall, so it may feel a bit quiet at first. 

You may also have to temporarily stay in a room other than you term-time room, as some of our halls will still be occupied by vacation guests. But hall staff will be at hand to provide you with a warm welcome and help you settle in.

A small range of early arrival events will take place on LSE campus to connect you with students who are already here. Keep checking the early arrival Welcome information online

Make sure not to miss the big welcome on the official check-in day of your hall. It's a great opportunity to meet your other hall neighbours, and we'll have lots of students and staff on hand to welcome you properly. 

Terms and conditions of arriving early

Will you be living in privately rented accommodation?

If you won't be living in any of our halls but are looking for somewhere to stay in late summer, visit Short term rooms in halls