Next steps once you received an offer

How to accept your summer accommodation offer

The process depends on which hall you've been offered accommodation in. Your place is not confirmed unless you follow either option A or B. 

NOTE: Applications for summer 2019 are now closed - all vacant rooms have been sold

1. Follow either option A or B to accept your summer accommodation offer

Option A - if your offer is for Sidney Webb House or Butler's Wharf Residence

Once you've received an offer you need to: 

  • Review and accept your room type, rate, contract dates, and terms and conditions in hallpad.
  • Pay your deposit of £250 in hallpad by the deadline that we've given you (either one or two working days, depending on when your offer is made).
  • Shortly after you've paid your deposit, you'll be able to see the Confirmation of Accommodation document in your hallpad account. It sums up your offer, and we will notify you via email when it's ready.
  • Accept your Confirmation of Accommodation document. You must accept it within 24 hours after receipt to complete your full acceptance. Once you have accepted it, your application is complete.

Option B - if your offer is for Lilian Knowles House


  • Review and accept your hall and the dates of the contract (you won't see your exact room rate or type yet). We can then send your details to Sanctuary Students, who manage the hall. They'll contact you directly to complete your application.
  • Sanctuary Students will give you a deadline by which you need to accept their terms and conditions and pay the deposit of £400 (£75 of this is a non-refundable administration fee).
  • Once you've completed all steps with Sanctuary Students, your application is complete.

Offer acceptance FAQ

Q: What happens if I decline the offer or miss a deadline?

If you miss a deadline, don't pay a deposit or don't accept your Confirmation of Accommodation document (Sidney Webb House and Butler's Wharf Residence only), we'll withdraw your offer. You'll then be invited to join the waiting list. We only make offers to students on the waiting list once all new students have received an offer.


2. Prepare for arrival

Check in dates and times

Check-in day is 15 June 2019. Your room should be ready for you by 3pm in the afternoon. If you arrive before 3pm, your room may not be ready, and you'll need to wait at reception before you can get the keys.

We won't be able to you help with moving between halls, but your hall reception team may be able to suggest local removal services.

We'll email you with more details closer to check-in day.

What to do if you want to cancel your summer accommodation

Cancellation deadlines and refunds for summer accommodation

Cancellations for Sidney Webb House and Butler's Wharf Residence
Your cancellations must be made in writing using the online cancellation form

  • Cancel before 2 May 2019 to get a full refund of your deposit. You will be released from your contract and won't need to pay any further fees.
  • If you cancel on or after 2 May 2019, you will receive no refund of your deposit and need to pay all fees for the room for the summer vacation. However, if we are able to resell your room, you are only liable to pay the fees until the day that another student takes over your contract. 

Cancellations for Lilian Knowles House (Sanctuary Students)
Your cancellation must be made in writing to london.students@sanctuary-students.com.

  • Once you have accepted your room and paid the deposit, you are liable for the full fees. However, if Sanctuary Students are able to resell your room, you are only liable to pay the fees until the day that another student takes over your contract. 


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