Apply for summer accommodation

Registered full-time students can apply for a room over the summer

This page explains who can apply for summer accommodation, which halls are available and how the application process works. 

Summer applications are still open. There's now a waiting list for Lilian Knowles House and Butler's Wharf Residence, but we've added new rooms in Sidney Webb House.

You can still apply for Lilian Knowles House and Butler's Wharf Residence, but you're unlikely to get a place there. Your best option is to make an application for Sidney Webb House (or change your options if you've already applied).

Which halls are open over the summer?

When can I stay?

That depends on the hall you're in.

  • Sidney Webb House summer accommodation starts on 16 June 2018 and ends on 8 September 2018. These dates are fixed. You can't apply for fewer or more days.
  • Butler's Wharf Residence and Lilian Knowles House summer accommodation starts on 9 June 2018 and ends on 1 September 2018. These dates are fixed. You can't apply for fewer or more days.

How much does summer accommodation cost? 

That depends on your hall.

  • In Butler's Wharf Residence and Lilian Knowles House, you'll be charged the term time rate for the room that we offer you. Download: Table of accommodation fees [PDF]
  • In Sidney Webb House, we can't offer you the term time rate, but prices are still competitive:
    Single en suite rooms £34.55 per night, which equals £2,902.20 for the full stay (84 nights)
    Large single en suite rooms - £35.50 per night, which equals £2,982.00 for the full stay (84 nights)

How to apply for summer accommodation

1. Check if you're eligible

  • Every registered full-time LSE student can apply, unless you already live in LSE accommodation on a 50-week contract.
  • Summer vacation rooms are for single students. We don't normally provide summer vacation accommodation for couples.
  • Graduate students have priority. If you are an undergraduate student, you can still apply, but your chances of getting a summer vacation room are low.
  • Undergraduate students are only eligible for places in Butler's Wharf Residence and Sidney Webb House. 

2. Apply online via hallpad

You can apply online using hallpad.

In hallpad, we'll ask you to:

  • Set up an account, if you don't have one already, using your date of birth, LSE ID number and email address.
  • Select 'Summer vacation application' for your academic year.
  • Choose a budget range (we'll only show you halls in this range).
  • Tell us which hall you would prefer (undergraduate students can only choose Butler's Wharf Residence and Sidney Webb House).
  • Tell us whether you would accept another option if your first choice is unavailable (this may increase your chances of receiving an offer).
  • Tell us if you want to disclose any disabilities or other support needs. This will give you access to the GP assessment form. Also see: Accommodation for students with disabilities and other support needs.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the chances of getting a room?

Availability relies on students at Butler's Wharf Residence and Lilian Knowles House moving out early, so it varies from year to year. Graduate students on a 12-month programme have priority, because they are most likely to have academic reasons for staying in summer.

In Sidney Webb House we've been able to secure a number of rooms and they're available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Undergraduate students will be offered any remaining rooms. For the best chance to get a room, apply as early as possible. After the closing date, you can still apply, but you're unlikely to be successful.

Q: Can I change my application after submitting?
Yes, you can amend your application at any time, unless you have already received and accepted an offer.

Q: How long do I have to wait until I get a decision?
We try to make offers within 28 days, if we have rooms available. If we don't have availability, we will keep your application open. We try to give you a decision as soon as possible, but we rely on term-time students moving out early. We make offers right up to the start of the summer vacation. Rooms are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Graduate students are made offers first. We can't guarantee you an offer, but we'll keep you up to date.

Q: I live at Lilian Knowles House on a 38-week contract - how do I extend?
If you live in Lilian Knowles House, you will receive an email towards the end of February to invite you to apply and extend your contract. If we are able to make you an offer, we will do so before 28 March. You need to accept this as per your offer email. After the 28 March any remaining spaces will be offered to all students.

Q: How will I be notified of an offer?
We will send you an email. You can then view your offer on the summary screen of your hallpad account.

Q: When can I check in and what happens on check-in day? 
Check-in is on 9 June 2018 (16 June for Sidney Webb House). Your room should be ready for you by 3pm. If you arrive before 3pm, your room may not be ready, and you'll need to wait at reception for the keys.

We won't be able to help you with moving between halls, but your hall reception team may be able to suggest local removal services.

We'll email you with more details closer to check-in day.

Q: How much is the deposit and when do I pay the rest?

  • £250 deposit at Sidney Webb House and Butler's Wharf Residence
  • £400 deposit at Lilian Knowles House (includes a £75 administration charge)

The deposit is credited against the total cost of your room. The rest of your fees is due before you arrive. Payment instalments aren't available. If you're a current resident, you need to pay any outstanding fees before you can move.


Apply in hallpad

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