Accommodation for families and couples

Students bringing a partner or children

We have rooms for student couples in LSE halls, and we're working with Zebra Housing and the University of London (UoL) to accommodate students with small families. This page explains how you can apply for couple or family accommodation. 

How to apply for accommodation

If you're bringing your partner (couple accommodation)

If you're coming to LSE with a partner you can apply for a couple room. They're available at Northumberland House, Butler's Wharf Residence, Grosvenor House, Rosebery Hall, Sidney Webb House and most UoL Intercollegiate Halls.

If you apply for a couples room, the accommodation offer guarantee for new undergraduate students does not apply to you. To make sure you're not missing out, we'll invite you to change your application to an individual one, if we can't offer you a couples room.

Does my partner have to be an LSE student?

No, your partner doesn't have to be studying at LSE, but the contract will be made with you only. Your partner won't be named on the contract and you will be fully responsible for the room and all fees.

Even if both of you study at LSE and we offer you a room, the accommodation contract will be with only one of you (the person who applied). The other person won't be named on the contract and the named person will be fully responsible for the room and all fees.

How much does couple accommodation cost? 

Download our Table of accommodation fees [PDF]

How to apply for couple accommodation

You can apply online using hallpad. Simply select 'couple application' when you apply for accommodation in halls

If you're bringing children (family accommodation)

If you're coming to LSE with your children you can apply for family accommodation.

LSE don't own or manage any family accommodation directly. That's why we work in partnership with Zebra Housing and the University of London International Hall to provide accommodation for LSE students with families. Family accommodation is in limited supply and availability depends on current residents moving out, which can happen any time during the year.

Find out more about:
Zebra Housing
University of London International Hall 

Am I eligible for family accommodation?

You are eligible if you:

  • have one or two children
  • are studying a full-time degree or postgraduate qualification
  • Zebra Housing only accepts overseas students

How much does family accommodation cost?

Zebra Housing prices from 1 April 2108

  • studio flats from £850 to £995 per month
  • one-bed flats from £1,225 to £1,330 per month
  • two-bed flats from £1,397 to £1,480 per month

How to apply for family accommodation

Zebra Housing and the University of London manage their family accommodation themselves. Register your interest in hallpad, and we'll tell you how to apply with them directly. 

1) Create an account in hallpad. To create an account, you need:

  • your student ID number (from your offer letter)
  • your date of birth
  • a personal email address (email will be the main method that we use to communicate with you)

2) On the 'Application Summary Screen', select ‘Register your interest’ for family accommodation. Follow the steps and submit the form.

3) Once we've confirmed your student status, we will email you with details on what to do next. 

4) Apply with Zebra Housing or the University of London (our email will tell you how).

5) Wait for a decision from Zebra Housing or the University of London. If they are able to make you an offer, they will contact you to confirm what's available and how to pay a deposit.

Family accommodation FAQ

Q: Can we stay for the full duration of my course?

Yes. You can stay until you've completed your studies.

Q: What happens if I don't get offered accommodation in Zebra Housing or International Hall?

The LSE Private housing service will be able to support you in finding alternative accommodation. Visit: Private housing

Q: Does LSE offer childcare? 

Yes, the LSE Nursery offers friendly childcare close to campus at discounted rates for students, staff and alumni. For more information, visit: LSE Nursery