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Tough Rides: Brazil

Recorded on: 4 August 2016

Speaker(s): Ryan Pyle

Join adventurer and TV presenter, Ryan Pyle as he talks about his two months traveling through the most remote and...

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Power and Pragmatism

Recorded on: 25 July 2016

Speaker(s): Sir Malcolm Rifkind

For almost forty years, Malcolm Rifkind served at the forefront of British politics. In this lecture, Sir Malcolm will...

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Growing Trade the Progressive Way

Recorded on: 14 July 2016

Speaker(s): Chrystia Freeland

In a world of growing protectionist trends, how can trade respond to the concerns of people who feel they were left...

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The Rise and Fall of Nations

Recorded on: 12 July 2016

Speaker(s): Ruchir Sharma

Ruchir Sharma explores the forces triggering political revolts and economic slowdowns in every major region. By...

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The Hidden Wealth of Nations

Recorded on: 30 June 2016

Speaker(s): Dr Gabriel Zucman

This lecture will discuss how big the wealth hidden in offshore tax havens is, what are the consequences for...

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The Welfare Trait: how state benefits affect personality

Recorded on: 29 June 2016

Speaker(s): Dr Adam Perkins, Dr Kitty Stewart

In this lecture Dr Perkins argues that welfare policies which increase the number of children born into disadvantaged...

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After the EU Referendum: What Next for Britain and Europe?

Recorded on: 29 June 2016

Speaker(s): Professor Simon Hix

Presented by the Harold Laski Chair and Professor of Political Science, Simon Hix, this lecture will discuss the...

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Globalisation, Migration and the Future of the Middle Classes

Recorded on: 27 June 2016

Speaker(s): Branko Milanovic

The talk will discuss empirically recent changes in global income distribution, creation of a “global middle class”,...

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The Secret of Our Success

Recorded on: 22 June 2016

Speaker(s): Professor Joseph Henrich

The ability of human groups to socially interconnect and learn from one another has allowed us to create ingenious...

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Protecting South Africa's fragile democracy

Recorded on: 21 June 2016

Speaker(s): Mmusi Maimane, Dr Kate Orkin

The institutions of South Africa’s democracy are under strain, making the miracle of South Africa’s democracy more...

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Endless Endeavours: from the 1866 women's suffrage petition to the Fawcett Society

Recorded on: 21 June 2016

Speaker(s): Elizabeth Crawford, Dr Ann Dingsdale, Jane Grant

Some people are inclined to begin a subdued kind of agitation for the franchise: the evolution of the women’s suffrage...

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Thinking in Public: philosophy, politics and the public

Recorded on: 16 June 2016

Speaker(s): Catherine Audard, Professor Geoffrey Bennington, Professor François Noudelman

What does it mean to take philosophy beyond academia and into the public sphere? What is the value of philosophy in the...

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The European Union: a citizen's guide

Recorded on: 15 June 2016

Speaker(s): Dr Chris Bickerton

For most of us today, 'Europe' refers to the European Union. At the centre of a seemingly never-ending crisis, the EU...

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Alternatives to Austerity?

Recorded on: 9 June 2016

Speaker(s): Dr Laura Bear, Anna Coote, Dr Andrea Muehlebach, Dr Carly Schuster

This panel discussion will look beyond the present into a future without austerity. Participants will discuss the...

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Fawcett at 150: new horizons or same old battles? What future for feminism?

Recorded on: 9 June 2016

Speaker(s): Sam Smethers

Discover the present and future feminist agenda for the Fawcett Society, reflections on progress achieved, what we...

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The Case for Brexit: why Britain should quit the EU

Recorded on: 8 June 2016

Speaker(s): Professor Alan Sked

This talk will include an analysis of the failings of the EU and the advantages of Brexit. Alan Sked is Emeritus...

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Equal Rights and Equal Dignity of Human Beings

Recorded on: 6 June 2016

Speaker(s): Professor Tariq Ramadan

In our globalised world, pluralism is a fact and equality, a hope. We need to start with the basic statement reminding...

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Tales of the Unexpected: gender equality and social progress in Bangladesh

Recorded on: 3 June 2016

Speaker(s): Juli Huang, Professor David Lewis, Professor Amartya Sen

This panel will discuss why gender indicators for Bangladesh have shown a marked improvement despite various...

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Growth Challenges in Fragile States

Recorded on: 2 June 2016

Speaker(s): Professor Tim Besley, Professor Sir Paul Collier

This panel of experts will explore the major challenges that state fragility poses for creating an environment...

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UN - to be fit for purpose

Recorded on: 2 June 2016

Speaker(s): Dr Igor Lukšić

Many believe that this is by far the best time in history a human being can be born. Growing life expectancies, ever...

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