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Public Lectures and Events: podcasts and videos

A collection of podcasts and videos from LSE's programme of public lectures and events.

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Public lecture podcasts and videos: latest 20

War: what is it good for?
Recorded on: 10 April 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Ian Morris
If you had been born 20,000 years ago, you would have faced a one in ten or even one in five chance of dying violently....
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Nationalism, Internationalism and Cosmopolitanism: some lessons from modern Indian history
Recorded on: 3 April 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Partha Chatterjee
This lecture deals with four strands of trans-regional political movement in India’s anti-colonial history. The first...
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LSE Asia Forum 2014
Recorded on: 3 April 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Craig Calhoun, Senator Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, Professor Arne Westad, Professor Tao Wenzhao, Dr Hassan Wirajuda, Professor Ricky Burdett, Datuk Syed Mohamed Ibrahim, Professor Mike Douglass, Professor Danny Quah, Azman Mokhtar…
The LSE Asia Forum is an important and very public part of the School's strategy to enhance its long standing...
Play | Download: Audio - Calhoun's Closing Remarks, Audio - Keynote Speech, Audio - Pissarides' Closing Remarks, Audio - Plenary session 1, Audio - Plenary session 2, Audio - Plenary session 3, Audio - Plenary session 4, Audio - Welcome and introduction, Video - Calhoun's Closing Remarks, Video - Keynote Speech, Video - Pissarides' Closing Remarks, Video - Plenary session 1, Video - Plenary session 2, Video - Plenary session 3, Video - Plenary session 4, Video - Welcome and introduction

The 17 Contradictions of Capitalism
Recorded on: 2 April 2014
Speaker(s): Professor David Harvey
You thought capitalism was permanent? Think again. Leading Marxist thinker Professor David Harvey unravels the...
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Recorded on: 31 March 2014
Speaker(s): James Dawson, Kate Kingsley, Geraldine McCaughrean, Jon Robinson
The culmination of the 2013-14 LSE and First Story creative writing competition sees a panel of award-winning young...
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2014 Polis Journalism Conference
Recorded on: 28 March 2014
Speaker(s): Alan Rusbridger, Ian Katz, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Cathy Newman, Tom Giles, Luke Lewis…
The 5th Polis Journalism Conference on the topic of Transparency and Accountability was the biggest and most successful...
Play | Download: Audio - Innovation in transparency, Audio - Investigative journalism…, Audio - Journalism after Snowden, Audio - Reducing the cost of …, Audio - Taking on the world, Audio - The future of transparency…, Audio - Watching the watchdogs

Management Accounting Research Group conference 2014
Recorded on: 27 March 2014
Speaker(s): Michael Bromwich, Al Bhimani, David Otley, Chris Ford, Alasdair Macnab, Falconer Mitchell, Warwick Hunt, Henri Dekker, George Grosz, Alasdair Macnab, Kenneth Simmonds
The 35th annual MARG Conference will take place on Thursday 27 March 2014 at the London School of Economics and...
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Justice Rising: moving intersectionally in the age of post-everything
Recorded on: 26 March 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Kimberlé W. Crenshaw
Kimberlé W. Crenshaw is currently professor of law at UCLA and Columbia. She has written in the areas of civil rights,...
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Why Abenomics Matters: Abenomics and the Japanese economy
Recorded on: 25 March 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Motoshige Itoh
Japan is highly unusual in having experienced serious deflation in recent years, and Japan’s experience may be regarded...
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How is London being transformed by migration?
Recorded on: 24 March 2014
Speaker(s): Ian Gordon, Eric Kaufman, Max Nathan, Antoine Paccoud, Sara Parker, Jeremy Skinner, Tony Travers
With the many shifts that have taken place over the past few years in the UK migration regime, the new net migration...
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Towards a sustainable financial system
Recorded on: 21 March 2014
Speaker(s): Haruhiko Kuroda, Richard Fisher, Riccardo Barbieri Hermitte, Jon Danielsson, Ulf Dahlsten, Luca Fantacci, Lars Jonung, Sheri Markose, Bao Mingyou, Adair Turner, Alan Wheatley, Yongding Yu, Jean-Pierre Zigrand
Have we done enough to avoid a new severe financial crisis? There are fundamental issues surrounding money creation,...
Play | Download: Audio - Break-out Session a, Audio - Break-out Session b, Audio - Break-out Session c, Audio - Session 1, Audio - Session 2, Audio - Session 4, Audio - Session 5, Video - Break-out Session a, Video - Break-out Session b, Video - Break-out Session c, Video - Session 1, Video - Session 2, Video - Session 4, Video - Session 5

Environmental Protection and Rare Disasters
Recorded on: 20 March 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Robert J Barro
The Stern Review's evaluation of environmental protection relies on extremely low discount rates, an assumption...
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In Conversation with Daniel Finkelstein
Recorded on: 20 March 2014
Speaker(s): Daniel Finkelstein
To mark the completion of the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, the first brand new building on campus for more than 40...
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Is Everything You Hear About Macroeconomics True?
Recorded on: 19 March 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Wouter Den Haan
This lecture looks at the real and perceived weaknesses, strengths and challenges of modern macroeconomics. Wouter Den...
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Syria-Iraq Relations: from state formation to the Arab uprising
Recorded on: 19 March 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Raymond Hinnebusch
This talk will examine Iraq-Syria relations with the aim of using their changing relations as indicators of changes in...
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Will China Dominate the 21st Century?
Recorded on: 18 March 2014
Speaker(s): Jonathan Fenby, Isabel Hilton, Wu Jian Min
Jonathan Fenby will talk about the theme of his new book Will China Dominate the 21st Century? Jonathan Fenby is the...
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Excel at Your Job, Be Home for Dinner
Recorded on: 17 March 2014
Speaker(s): Sharon Meers
What would happen if more men, women and managers knew things like this: children of dual-career couples do at least as...
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Access to Justice and Extractive Industries
Recorded on: 13 March 2014
Speaker(s): Aidan Davy, Richard Meeran, Juan Pablo Sáenz, Jake White
A panel of international legal and industry experts discuss the fraught world of environmental justice, human rights,...
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In Conversation with Martin Lewis
Recorded on: 13 March 2014
Speaker(s): Martin Lewis
To mark the completion of the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, the first brand new building on campus for more than 40...
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Word Power: written constitutions and the definition of British borders since 1787
Recorded on: 13 March 2014
Speaker(s): Professor Linda Colley
The onset and proliferation of new written constitutions after 1787 presented successive governments in the UK with...
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