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Our team can help you get the most out of using the Library.

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How we are supporting LSE students during the exam/assessment period 

We are here to support you during the summer term as you prepare for your assessments/exams and continue your dissertation research projects. 

Where can I get help using Library resources?

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm via:  

Can I use online Library books and journals during an online assessment?

Yes, you can access and consult online library resources but you are advised to do this in advance of the exam as part of your preparation, rather than relying on having access when the assessment is live.

Are all your readings and books online for revision?

No, not all books that you previously accessed from the Course Collection will be online.

Your course reading lists provide links to many essential readings – chapters, journal articles or websites. Contact the Library prior to an exam if you are looking for access to an essential textbook online that you cannot find on Library Search. Your librarians can confirm if it is available as an ebook.

We also have an extensive list of additional textbook and journal collections provided during May and June.

In addition to the readings provided for your courses in Moodle on your reading lists, use Library Search to find further reading.

The Library Resources Guide provides an overview of our collections online including books, journals, data, archives, legal and news sources which will enable you to widen your reading for longer assessments and dissertations.

Your librarians can provide general guidance on library catalogues and databases that you can use to widen your research beyond your reading lists. Please note that we cannot meet with you during a 24-hour online exam.

What if I can't get access to a particular ebook or other online Library resources?

You should not rely on the availability of a particular ebook, journal or database while the exam is live. Access to these resources is dependent on a number of factors, including limits on the number people who can read it at the same time, so you are advised to consult key library resources in advance of the live exam.

What can I discuss with my department librarian?

Your department librarians can talk with you about the range of library catalogues and databases available and tips and techniques to enable you to widen your research and reading for assessment, summative essay, or dissertation.

Finding your readings prior to an exam – as mentioned above, contact your librarian if there are essential readings that were in print only to check if it is possible to access it online. Note: not all books on your reading list will be available online. Be prepared and check before your exam.

Literature searching – Your librarians can provide general guidance and techniques that will enable you to carry out focussed literature searches on library catalogues and databases. From Week 3, literature searching workshops will be available to book – check LSE LIFE workshops for dates and times. https://info.lse.ac.uk/current-students/lse-life/events

To ensure academic integrity, we cannot discuss any matters relating to the content of your exam questions such as suggesting specific books or articles or specific search terms or strategies for searching library catalogues and databases.

Referencing for online assessments you are expected to cite your sources in your online assessments and exams (unlike in a traditional exam). Make sure you are prepared and understand what is required for each course assessment.

  • which method – in-text/author-date or footnotes
  • Is there a required citation format/style that is required APA, MLA, OSCOLA, Chicago. If not, ensure you choose one and stick with it.

Your department librarians can provide general guidance on best referencing practice in academic writing – tips to ensure you are prepared your exams and assessments.

Read Citing and referencing guidance to help you ensure that you will be citing your sources accurately and consistently.

Workshops on referencing will be running regularly from Week 2 and throughout the summer.

To ensure academic integrity, we cannot check or comment on specific citations, bibliographies or reference lists or any of your writing. This applies to questions relating to specific exam/assessment questions - 24-hour online exam, a longer online assessment, or any other summative work, including your dissertation.

Please note that your department librarian cannot meet with you during a 24-hour online exam. Thank you for your understanding.

Supporting you with online workshops, guides and screencasts

Throughout the summer term and vacation, we will be running workshops on literature searching and referencing and providing screencasts to enable you to develop your skills. Materials are available in LSE LIFE Moodle.

Doing primary research online? Read our advice and tips.

As students and researchers are no longer able to conduct face-to-face data collection, new guidance has been produced to provide key advice and tips for collecting primary data online. Please see our guide for undergraduate and master's students. For further advice please write to datalibrary@lse.ac.uk.

Contact your librarian 

Each department has a dedicated librarian. Find yours:

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Paul Horsler

Economic History
European Institute
International History
International Relations
School of Public Policy


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Heather Dawson

Gender Studies
International Development
Media and Communications
Psychological and Behavioural Science


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Ellen Wilkinson

Health Policy
Social Policy


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Andra Fry

(Health Policy, Social Policy, Sociology Wed - Fri)


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Kevin Wilson

Language Centre


Contact a curator

Our curators are here to help you use archives and primary source material in your research or teaching.

Get in touch to discuss how they can help you.

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Gillian Murphy

Curator for Equality, Rights and Citizenship


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