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Timetables Team:


Linda Taylor - Manager

Tom Kennedy- Acting Deputy Manager

Christopher Abraham - Assistant

Habibur Rahman - Assistant




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The Timetables Office is part of the Academic Registrar's Division (ARD). We are a team of four people who are responsible for scheduling teaching and allocating rooms for all of the School's undergraduate, masters and research taught courses.

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2015-16 Teaching timetable

  • Timetables viewed by course code  - Lecture/Seminar Timetable 2015/16,    (Class Timetable will be available from Mid-September)
  • Teacher personal timetable - Lectures/Seminars Timetable 2015/16,                 (Class Timetable will be available from Mid-September)
  • Language Certificate class timetable  - (Available in mid-September)
  • Student personal timetable will be available in late September