Sensible Politics: visualising international relations

Hosted by the Department of International Relations

Sumeet Valrani Theatre, Centre Building


William A Callahan

William A Callahan

Professor of International Relations, LSE

Leigh Jenco

Leigh Jenco

Professor of Political Theory, Department of Government, LSE

Holly Eva Ryan

Holly Eva Ryan

Lecturer in International Political Sociology, Queen Mary, University of London.


Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Emeritus Professor of International Relations, LSE

Visual images are everywhere in international relations, but how are we to understand them? The round table will discuss whether and how William A Callahan's new book Sensible Politics (Oxford University Press, 2020) presents a unique analytical framework and a diverse range of sources to understand not just what visuals mean, but also how they can viscerally move and connect people in “affective communities of sense.” 

The book launch will feature a round table discussion with William A Callahan, Leigh Jenco and Holly Eva Ryan, chaired by Chris Brown.

William A. Callahan (@Bill_Callahan1) is Professor of International Relations at LSE. His research examines visual international politics and East Asian international relations.

Leigh Jenco (@LeighJenco) is Professor of Political Theory at LSE. Her current book project, Cosmologies of Difference on the Taiwan Frontier: Chinese Colonial Discourse in Comparative Perspective, works across the disciplinary platforms of political theory, global intellectual history, and Asian studies to examine how Chinese and Dutch writers grounded distinctive justifications for colonial rule on the island in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Holly Eva Ryan (@HollyERyan) is Lecturer in International Political Sociology at Queen Mary University of London. Her research sits at the intersections of visual and international politics, and has a particular emphasis on the relationship between art, power and resistance in Latin America and beyond. 

Chris Brown is Emeritus Professor of International Relations at LSE. He is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on international political theory and most recently of International Society, Global Politics (2015).

The Department of International Relations (@LSEIRDept) is now in its 92nd year, making it one of the oldest as well as largest in the world.  

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