LSE IN ONE WORD Visiting LSE has changed my mindset and made me understand who I want to be - 50 African-Caribbean state schoolboys take part in LSE’s Widening Participation programmeA new approach to eradicating 'neglected' tropical diseases - Professor Tim Allen successfully challenged world opinion on the efficacy of mass drug treatment strategies Democratic Dashboard - LSE launches new voter information website in lead-up to 2015 general election

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Can the police do more with less?|The coalition government’s austerity programme has resulted in some sizeable reductions in the police workforce, yet crime has continued to fall. A key question for the next Parliament is whether further real-terms reductions in police budgets can occur without deleterious effects on crime says the latest election series report from the Centre for Economic Performance. Are we really 'all in this together'?|Inequality of pre- and post-tax income has risen remarkably in the UK since the late 1970s. And while inequality of net income fell in the aftermath of the financial crisis, there are signs that it is rising once again according to LSE's Centre for Economic Performance.African-Caribbean teenage boys get a taste of university life at LSE|LSE hosted a cohort of 50 teenage boys from African and Caribbean backgrounds earlier this month in a bid to encourage more students from this sector into higher education.

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Events Programme Summer 2015                            

LSE’s Summer Term public events programme has been announced|

Events that have been recently added to the programme include Nobel prize-winning economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Freakonomics authorStephen J Dubner,award-winning novelist Amitav Ghosh, philosopher and literary theorist Professor Gayatri Spivak and journalist Virginia Postrel.


The Root of All Good|

Head of Data Journalism at The Economist, Andrew Palmer will talk about how a new wave of financial innovation is tackling everything from the threat of pandemics to the retirement crisis, from credit-starved borrowers to recidivism in prisons. Event date: Tuesday 28 April

Portugal's Way Forward: how to turn challenges into opportunities and lessons into policy|

Portuguese Minister of State and Finance Maria Luís Albuquerque will speak about the recovery of the Portuguese economy and how to keep the current reform momentum. Event date: Tuesday 5 May

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Barry Buzan               

Speakers: Professor Barry Buzan (pictured), Professor Craig Calhoun, Dr George Lawson, Professor Juergen Osterhammel, Dr Ayse Zarakol
Recorded: Tuesday 17 March 2015, approx. 87 minutes          


Speaker: Sir Michael Barber
Recorded: Monday 16 March 2015, approx. 73 minutes          

Speaker: Dr Sean Jacobs
Recorded: Tuesday 17 March 2015, approx. 87 minutes                

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The Politics of the Human        

The Politics of the Human|

Anne Phillips

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