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Surge in female political candidates in May UK elections

New research from LSE shows a rise of more than 10 percentage points in the proportion of female candidates for some of May’s elections, but gains in elected representatives are likely to be more modest.

LSE stays top in London

LSE has maintained its position as the top university in London and third in the UK, according to the latest university rankings.

New LSE book dissects 'selective austerity' since the crisis

A new LSE book offers an authoritative, evidence-based analysis of the impact government policies have had on inequality and on delivery of services such as health, education, adult social care, housing and employment since the 2008 recession.


ISIS – a History

The Islamic State has stunned the world with its savagery, destructiveness, and military and recruiting successes. What explains the rise of ISIS and what does it portend for the future of the Middle East? Find out from LSE's Fawaz Gerges at this public lecture. Event date: Tuesday 3 May


The New Politics of State, Class and Trade Union Power

With organised labour under attack and a new economy making working life tougher, are there opportunities for unions to reclaim ground? General Secretary of the TUC Frances O’Grady speaks as part of the Ralph Miliband Programme “Progress and its Discontents” series. Event date: Wednesday 4 May

Lakatos Award Lectures

The Lakatos Award is given for an outstanding contribution to the philosophy of science. This year’s Award winners, Gordon Belot and David Malament, will speak respectively on “Objectivity, Limited” and “On the Concept of “Rotation” in Relativity Theory”. Event date: Thursday 5 May

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Speakers: Lord Dyson, Ruth Herz, Dikgang Moseneke (pictured)
Recorded: Wednesday 13 April 2016, approx. 91 minutes    

What Works: gender equality by design                   

Speaker: Professor Iris Bohnet
Recorded: Thursday 14 April 2016

Speaker: Professor Slavoj Žižek
Recorded: Wednesday 20 April 2016

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