Strengthening policies to protect human rights and prevent genocide - Professor Karen Smith influenced EU policies intended to prevent mass atrocitiesBridget Hutter on risk and regulationResearch Festival 2015 - Join LSE from 19 to 28 May for a celebration of public engagement with social science researchToo much confidence can stifle others - Connson Locke on the downsides of looking like a leaderUndergraduate Open Day - Wednesday 1 July 2015

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This week’s Gearty Grilling: Bridget Hutter on risk regulationBridget Hutter, Professor of Risk Regulation, discusses why regulation needs to be finely balanced.Thomas Piketty joins LSE as Centennial ProfessorThe celebrated economist Thomas Piketty has been appointed as Centennial Professor at LSE’s new International Inequalities Institute.Honesty trumps political loyalty in lost wallet experimentPeople are just as likely to return a ‘lost’ wallet to an owner who has a different political affiliation to their own suggests new research from LSE.

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Meghnad Desai

Hubris: why economists failed to predict the crisis and how to avoid the next one 

Meghnad Desai, Emeritus Professor of Economics at LSE, will discuss his latest book with Stephen King, Group Chief Economist at HSBC,and Charles Goodhart, a former member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. Event date: Wednesday 27 May 2015


In Conversation with Secretary Lew 

The conversation will focus on the state of the global economy ahead of the US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s travel to a meeting of G-7 Finance Ministers in Dresden, Germany. Event date: Wednesday 27 May 2015

Irrational Exuberance: as relevant as ever 

Nobel laureate Robert Shiller, who warned of both the tech and housing bubbles, now cautions that signs of irrational exuberance among investors have only increased since the 2008–9 financial crisis. With high stock and bond prices in the United States, and rising housing prices in many countries, the post-subprime boom may well turn out to be another illustration of Shiller’s influential argument that psychologically driven volatility is an inherent characteristic of all asset markets. Event date: Monday 1 June 2015

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Peter Katzenstein

Speaker: Professor Peter Katzenstein
Recorded: Wednesday 06 May 2015, approx. 94 minutes                   


Speaker: Dr Purna Sen
Recorded: Wednesday 20 May 2015, approx. 75 minutes      

Speaker: Professor Julian Le Grand
Recorded: Wednesday 20 May 2015, approx. 80 minutes                           

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Inequality: What Can Be Done?

Anthony B Atkinson

Lectures on Public Economics

Lectures on Public Economics

Anthony B Atkinson and Joseph E Stiglitz

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