Francesca Klug on human rights and the Magna Carta Helping regulators prevent the next financial crash - Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand helped design regulations to prevent new global financial crises.Undergraduate Open Day 25 March 2015Supporting the development and success of the creative industries - Dr Gerben Bakker helped boost the economic impact of film and other media

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This week’s Gearty Grilling: Francesca Klug on human rights|Francesca Klug, Professorial Research Fellow, discusses the merits of the Human Rights Act and the Magna Carta.An EU Capital Markets Union offers a 'real opportunity across Europe'|The UK City Minister argues in favour of an EU capital markets union at a conference organised by LSE’s Systemic Risk Centre and Goldman Sachs.High rise estates can work if they are made energy efficient, says new LSE report|Residents of a West London tower block estate enjoyed a better quality of life following energy efficient refurbishments, according to a new report by Professor Anne Power.

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Miroslav Singer                  

Eurozone: managing your own currency during the Euro crisis|

Miroslav Singer, Governor of the Czech National Bank, will discuss the Eurozone crisis and managing the Czech currency (Koruna) in the context of the European Union. Event date: Friday 13 March


A Conversation with Eric Ries|

Eric Ries, entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller The Lean Startup: how constant innovation creates radically successful businesses will be in conversation at this LSE Entrepreneurship event. Event date: Friday 6 March

Human Capital, Inequality and Tax Reform: recent past and future prospects|

Even before the financial crisis many developed economies were facing growing inequality and struggling to maintain employment and earnings. This lecture will dig deeper into the background to these trends and will examine the evidence on how tax and welfare reform impacts on human capital, inequality and earnings. Event date: Tuesday 10 March

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Jan Kleinheisterkamp            

Speaker: Dr Jan Kleinheisterkamp
Recorded: Thursday 12 February 2015, approx. 86 minutes  


Speakers: Professor William A Callahan, Chan Koonchung, Isabel Hilton 
Recorded: Tuesday 24 February 2015, approx. 97 minutes        

Speaker: Professor Alan Manning
Recorded: Thursday 26 February 2015, approx. 89 minutes            

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