'Expensive lessons from the trading floor' - PhD student Meghan Leaver investigates human errors in a high-risk environment.'It is philanthropy, not entrepreneurship, that propels American-style capitalism' - Zoltan Acs on why philanthropy in the US is a little understood economic force.Spotlight on India's Lok Sabha elections - E-debate with LSE academics Mukulika Banerjee and Sumantra Bose on why Indians vote.What proof do suicide terrorists have that they will go to paradise? -  Sumitra Sri Bhashyam researches the terrorist mindset

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Major report reveals impact of devolution on patient care| A major new report published today by the Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation has found significant improvements in the performance of the NHS in all four UK countries since devolution. NHS will pay a high price for short-term mental health cuts, report warns| A new economic report, published today, has found that investing in quality care and support for people with schizophrenia and psychosis results in huge savings in the long-term. UK ninth most entrepreneurial economy globally| The UK has slipped from sixth to ninth place in the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI).See News and media| for more.
Michael Lewis 

Flash Boys: cracking the money code|

International bestselling author, Michael Lewis, talks with John Lanchester about his new Wall Street exposé. Tickets available from Monday 14 April. Event date: Monday 28 April.


Human Rights, Globalisation and How to Save the World|

The launch of the Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy brings together a panel of outstanding speakers to offer their insights on where we should be putting our energies, and why, if we are going to try to save the world. Event date: Thursday 1 May.

Summer term public events programme now online|

The Summer (April - July) events leaflet is now online with highlights including lectures by Michael Lewis, Professor Michael Sandel, Gail Kelly, Professor William Easterly, Shami Chakrabarti and Zainab Hawa Bangura.

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Robert J Barro       

Speaker: Professor Robert J Barro
Recorded: Thursday 20 March 2014, approx. 88 minutes


Speakers: James Dawson, Kate Kingsley, Geraldine McCaughrean, Jon Robinson
Recorded: Monday 31 March 2014, approx. 70 minutes

Speaker: Professor David Harvey
Recorded: Wednesday 2 April 2014, approx. 92 minutes

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Changing Inequalities and Social Impacts

Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries: 30 countries' experiences|

Wiemer Salverda, Brian Nolan, Daniele Checchi, Ive Marx, Abigail McKnight and Herman van de Werfhorst

Changing Inequalities in Rich Countries

Changing Inequalities in Rich Countries: analytical and comparative perspectives|

Wiemer Salverda, Brian Nolan, Daniele Checchi, Ive Marx, Abigail McKnight and Herman van de Werfhorst

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