'Influencing EU policy on international trade agreements' - Professor Stephen Woolcock provided the European Parliament with expert analysis on trade agreements.For economic historians, the holy grail is explaining the Industrial Revolution. Neil Cummins on what the lives of European nobility can tell us about the rise of Western EuropeTim Allen on creating controversy with fieldwork in AfricaMaking the world a better, safer place for women - Professor Christine Chinkin helped put women on the international agenda for the first time

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Welfare reforms failing to move social housing tenants into work, according to new LSE research|The Coalition Government's radical welfare reforms have resulted in very few social housing tenants being able to find jobs despite their aim of moving people dependent on benefits into work, according to a new LSE report.LSE continues to widen access|LSE has admitted its highest proportion of state school undergraduates for over ten years, according to official data released this week.Real Wages and Living Standards: the latest UK evidence|Since the global financial crisis, living standards for pensioners have risen while young workers have faced the ‘double whammy’ of falls in real wages and rises in unemployment according to a new report from LSE's Centre for Economic Performance.

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Between East and West                           

Between East and West|

Between East and West is a free exhibition exploring the heritage and identity of the British Chinese through photographic portraits, archival imagery and oral history interviews by Mike Tsang. The exhibition is on display at LSE until Wednesday 1 April.


The World Beyond Your Head: how to flourish in an age of distraction| 

Matthew Crawford will be in conversation with Professor Richard Sennett about his new book in which he investigates the challenge of mastering one's own mind. With ever-increasing demands on our attention, how do we focus on what's really important in our lives? Event date: Monday 20 April

The Root of All Good|

LSE alumnus and head of data journalism at the Economist Andrew Palmer will talk about his new book which discusses how finance distorts behaviour and destroys economies, but how it also solves society's biggest problems. A new wave of financial innovation is tackling everything from the threat of pandemics to the retirement crisis, from credit-starved borrowers to recidivism in prisons. Event date: Tuesday 28 April

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John Hills              

Speakers: Professor John Hills, Dr Polly Vizard
Recorded: Thursday 12 March 2015, approx. 80 minutes       


Speaker: Nicola Sturgeon
Recorded: Monday 16 March 2015, approx. 55 minutes            

Speakers: Professor Barry Buzan, Professor Craig Calhoun, Dr George Lawson, Professor Juergen Osterhammel, Dr Ayse Zarakol
Recorded: Tuesday 17 March 2015, approx. 87 minutes               

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The Politics of the Human        

The Politics of the Human|

Anne Phillips

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