The Year 11 Summer School has given me a wonderful insight into university life - Students from under-represented backgrounds discuss the merits of LSE’s access programmesLSE launches awards for asylum seekers = Two bursaries worth up to £20,000 per year will be available for asylum seekers taking undergraduate study from 2015Despite propaganda of the African soldier as eternally loyal, they saw themselves as professionals - Mahon Murphy explores the loyalties of Cameroon soldiers who fought for Germany in the First World WarHaving a presence in outer space carries a lot of power and prestige - Jill Stuart discusses the reasons why nations are spending billions in space

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LSE celebrates fifth annual graduation ceremony in Beijing|LSE celebrated the success of around 270 graduates with their families and friends in Beijing.Mother's personality during pregnancy predicts how well children do in GCSEs|Babies with mothers who believe their fate is in their own hands and not down to luck tend to perform better in GCSEs.Congratulations to all offer-holders on their A level results|LSE has filled its undergraduate places for 2014 and is not going into Clearing or Adjustment.

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Ibrahim Salama

Human Rights Diplomacy: inside the United Nations|

Dr Ibrahim Salama, Director of the Human Rights Treaties Division in the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, will answer the question, what is human rights diplomacy, and how does the link among codification, advocacy and implementation of human rights norms really play out?  Event date: Thursday 2 October.


Jo Fidgen interviews Michael Pollan|

Michael Pollan, professor of journalism at Berkeley and one of Time magazine’s one hundred most influential people in the world will be interviewed by Jo Fidgen and take questions from the audience in a session to be recorded for an edition of Analysis on BBC Radio 4. Event date: Wednesday 3 September.

Formality Bias: the habits holding Africa back|

Dayo Olopade, Nigerian-American journalist and author, will expose the global pretensions that have stymied African development, and explore the ingenious workarounds that are driving regional progress. Event date: Friday 26 September.

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Lord Layard     

Speakers: Professor David M Clark, Professor Lord Layard, Andrew Marr
Recorded: Thursday 10 July 2014 , approx. 72 minutes


Speaker:Professor Andrew Gamble
Recorded: Thursday 31st July 2014, approx. 52 minutes  

Speaker: Professor Mick Cox, Professor Danny Quah
Recorded: Monday 4th August 2014, approx. 80 minutes

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Illegality Inc by Ruben Andersson    

Illegality, Inc.|

Ruben Andersson

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