Ms Marvel is portraying Muslims in a very realistic and powerful light - PhD student Maria Norris shows how a comic book is disrupting negative views about the Islamic faithStrengthening policies to protect human rights and prevent genocide - Professor Karen Smith influenced EU policies intended to prevent mass atrocitiesJohn Hills on inequalityToo much confidence can stifle others - Connson Locke on the downsides of looking like a leader

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This week’s Gearty Grilling: John Hills on inequality

John Hills, Professor of Social Policy, discusses the need to reduce inequality in Britain.Thomas Piketty joins LSE as Centennial ProfessorThe celebrated economist Thomas Piketty has been appointed as Centennial Professor at LSE’s new International Inequalities Institute.Honesty trumps political loyalty in lost wallet experimentPeople are just as likely to return a ‘lost’ wallet to an owner who has a different political affiliation to their own suggests new research from LSE.

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Park Won Soon

Democratic Urban Governance: new communication and innovation in Seoul with the citizens 

Park Wonsoon was elected as the Mayor of Seoul in October 2011. He was re-elected in June 2014 and began his second term. He continues to lead the Seoul Metropolitan Government through a leadership based on communication and innovation. Event date: Thursday 18 June 2015


Flood of Fire 

Amitav Ghosh, one of the finalists for this year’s Man Booker International Prize will be speaking at LSE last this week. The bestselling author, talks about his work and the true story that lies behind his latest novel, Flood of Fire, the conclusion to his bestselling Ibis TrilogyEvent date: Friday 29 May 2015 

On Free Speech 

What does it mean to have a right to free speech, and who has the right to curtail it? Join us for this public discussion featuring Professor Lisa Appignanesi, Professor Rae Langton, Dr Stephen Law and Professor Peter McDonald. Event date: Tuesday 2 June 2015

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Peter Katzenstein

Speaker: Professor Peter Katzenstein
Recorded: Wednesday 6 May 2015, approx. 94 minutes                   


Speaker: Dr Purna Sen
Recorded: Wednesday 20 May 2015, approx. 75 minutes      

Speaker: Professor Julian Le Grand
Recorded: Wednesday 20 May 2015, approx. 80 minutes                           

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Inequality: What Can Be Done?

Anthony B Atkinson

Lectures on Public Economics

Lectures on Public Economics

Anthony B Atkinson and Joseph E Stiglitz

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