Applying human security principles to peacekeeping missions - Kirtsen Schulze applied lessons from the Aceh conflict to EU missionsCraig Calhoun, Director of LSE, on facing the future.Dr Ilka Gleibs on how women footballers can boost performance by overcoming negative stereotypes.Campaigning: causes and connections - The public face of campaigning is celebrated at this free LSE Library exhibition, open until 31 August 2015

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Lesbians, gays and bisexuals less satisfied with life

A major study of sexual minorities in the UK and Australia shows that lesbian, gay and bisexual people are significantly less satisfied with their lives than heterosexuals.

Undergraduate confirmation 2015 
Following the release of A Level results, the School is already full for undergraduate study commencing in September 2015 and will not be open for clearing or adjustment.

Internet is both harming and helping older adults

Almost five million Britons aged over 64 do not have any internet skills, with many older people believing digital technology is “too difficult to use” and a luxury rather than a tool for improving life quality.

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Shaa Wasmund

September's public events announced

All of September's public events have been announced. The first public event will see entrepreneur, author and LSE alumna Shaa Wasmund (pictured) talk about her new book. Economics Editor of Channel 4 News Paul Mason, CEO of The Behavioural Insights Team David Halpern and French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron all speak at LSE in September as well.


The Other Wall

Through the perspective of Mexican artist Amador Montes, this exhibition aims at sharing the contemporary aesthetic values, culture and idiosyncrasy of Mexico. Montes’ work explores migration not only as a human phenomenon, but rather as a natural process for many animal species. In this sense, migration becomes a topic of interest for anyone who has experienced movement across spaces and cultures. Event date: 24 August to 25 September

October's public events all now online

Does Europe have a future? How does society tackle the cycle of violence against women? How can we fix global finance? Why and how can we address the crisis of inequality in Africa? These are just a handful of issues to be addressed at LSE's October public events. The full schedule of October events has now been announced.

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Professor Frank Wilczek © Amity Wilczek

Speaker: Professor Frank Wilczek (pictured)
Recorded: Wednesday 8 July 2015, approx. 85 minutes                      


Speaker: David Smith 
Recorded: Tuesday 28 July 2015

Speaker: Professor Fawaz Gerges
Recorded: Thursday 30 July 2015                               

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What Matters in Policing       

What matters in policing? Change, values and leadership in turbulent times

Auke van Dijk, Frank Hoogewoning, and Maurice Punch

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