'British foreign policy has for too long been the preserve of grandees' - Nicholas Kitchen reflects on the LSE Diplomacy Commission’s findings'Citizenship acts as a catalyst for migrants to unleash their full potential’ - Dr Dominik Hangartner’s research finds that naturalisation promotes social and political integrationIs corporate investment turning cities into enclaves for offices and luxury apartment towers? - Professor Saskia Sassen asks who owns our cities for LSE Cities Urban Age ProgrammeBrexit Vote. Read expert analysis about the UK’s referendum on EU membership on LSE’s new  ‘Brexit Vote’ blog

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LSE statement on socially responsible investment review

LSE Council has approved a series of recommendations to strengthen the School’s socially responsible investment policy.

Past performance plays minor role in CEO selection

An individual's past performance plays a minor role in headhunters' decisions concerning which candidates to put forward for CEO positions in major non-financial firms, according to new LSE research  

LSE Health broadens engagement with China

LSE Health has announced a range of new initiatives with Chinese partners across academia and government, including a collaboration with the School of Public Health at Fudan University, joint research with Peking University, and a Sino-European forum on food and medicine quality. 

CABLE, Vince (Credit Vince Cable 2015)79x105

How Can the UK Improve Productivity and Still Build the Workforce?

This event marks the official launch of the LSE Business Review blog blog bringing together a panel of prominent economists, including former Business Secretary Vince Cable, to discuss productivity, the UK’s economic future and the road ahead. Event date: Wednesday 2 December


The Future of the Professions: how technology will transform the work of human experts 

In an era when machines can out-perform human beings at most tasks, we will neither need nor want doctors, accountants, consultants, and many other professions, to work as they did in the 20th century. In this public lecture, Richard and Daniel Susskind predict the decline of experts as we know them, as the rise in new technologies transforms the way that practical know-how is made available in society. Event date: Monday 30 November 

Democracy, Diversity, Religion

Charles Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at McGill University will in this lecture look at the constant temptation for modern democracies to veer towards exclusion. Event date: Tuesday 1 December

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Speakers: Dr Insa Koch, Dr Lisa McKenzie, Dr David Skarbek (pictured)
Recorded: Monday 16 November 2015 , approx. 98 minutes             


Speaker: Paul Mason
Recorded: Wednesday 18 November 2015  

Speaker: Professor Michael Cox
Recorded: Thursday 19 November 2015  

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Youth Participation in Democratic Life

Youth Participation in Democratic Life: stories of hope and disillusion

Bart Cammaerts, Michael Bruter, Shakuntala Banaji, Sarah Harrison, and Nicholas Anstead

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