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Electoral shocks usher in a wave of ‘intense voter hostility’

The two major political events on the world stage in 2016 – Brexit and the election of Donald Trump – have ushered in a new phenomenon: intense voter hostility towards people with opposing views.

LSE study highlights need to address £32 billion cost of autism

A major report authored by LSE researchers has been launched in the House of Lords to address the £32 billion annual cost of autism to the UK, which is more than heart disease, cancer and stroke combined.

LSE awarded £32 million by HEFCE

The funding will contribute to the development of the Centre Buildings, which will house the International Inequalities Institute (III) and its programme supported by the Atlantic Philanthropies gift.

Anne Applebaum

The Maidan Revolution – Lessons Learned and Unlearned

Anne Applebaum (pictured), a Visiting Professor in Practice at the Institute of Global Affairs at LSE and a columnist for the Washington Post is just one of the distinguised speakers at this LSE Literary Festival discussion about the revolutionary fervour that still lives on in large parts of Ukrainian society. Event date: Monday 20 February. 


The Purposeful Company: a healthy prescription for UK plc?

Will Hutton, Chair of the Big Innovation Centre and Colin Mayer of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford will at this event present the key recommendations from the Policy Report published by the Big Innovation Centre, which they have helped to co-author. Event date: Tuesday 24 January. 

The Brexit Debate through Social Media: deliberative discussion, or deliberate dysfunction?

Using over 35 million Tweets collected in the year before the Brexit referendum, we analyse the debate and campaign through social media to track the framing, the argumentation, and the patterns of communication about the issues and consequences of the vote. Event date: Wednesday 25 January.

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Speaker: Dr Valeria Cetorelli (pictured)
Recorded: Wednesday 11 January 2017, approx. 86 minutes    


Speakers: Mark Carney, Professor Amartya Sen 
Recorded: Monday 16 January 2017

Speaker: Professor Henry Overman
Recorded: Wednesday 18 January 2017

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