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Helen Reece

The School is deeply saddened to announce the death of Helen Reece, Associate Professor of Family Law. Friends, colleagues and students can share their memories of Helen on the LSE condolences blog.

Childhood bullying places 'long term strain' on UK mental health services

New research shows that childhood bullying has a strong link to mental health service use throughout a person’s life, putting additional strain on an “already overstretched” UK healthcare system.

Professor Christine Chinkin wins UN award for distinguished service

Christine Chinkin, Director of LSE's Centre for Women, Peace and Security, has been awarded the Sir Brian Urquhart Award for distinguished service to the United Nations by a UK citizen.

Susan Greenfield

A Day in the Life of the Brain: the neuroscience of consciousness from dawn 'til dusk 

Consciousness is the ultimate miracle - and enigma. However most people take this subjective inner state for granted without ever reflecting on what could possibly be happening in their brain each day of their waking lives. This talk by Susan Greenfield will investigate this question from the perspective of neuroscience, by exploring how objective events in the brain are realised as subjective experience. Event date: Thursday 3 November


Future Sex: technology, desire, and the new rules of engagement

In a year of heated discussions about campus rape culture and street harassment, the merits of sex positivism, and the implications of trans-identity for feminism, we ask what is the future of sex and sexuality? Event date: Monday 31 October

Newly announced public events

New events include former Chancellors Alistair Darling and George Osborne talking about the UK economy; adventurer Sarah Outen on her round the world journey; David Cameron’s Director of Communications Craig Oliver on the inside story of Brexit, Canada's Finance Minister Bill Morneau talking about inclusve growth; and a talk by the Chair of the Scale Up Institute Sherry Coutu

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Speaker: Professor David Stasavage (pictured)
Recorded: Wednesday 12 October 2016, approx. 91 minutes    

From LEO to DeepMind: Britain's computing pioneers                                                

Speaker: Eric Schmidt
Recorded: Friday 14 October 2016

Speaker: Martha Spurrier
Recorded: Wednesday 19 October 2016

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