Let’s accept the inevitable and fight for the best Brexit we can = Professor Simon Hix argues for the UK to adopt a pro-European Leave position The past three years at LSE have been an incredible journey - LSE entrepreneur Fifi Kara discusses the benefits of a rich student experience The world’s first female voters shaped politics in a very distinct way  War memoirs can provide insight into soldiers’ ethical values - Professor Lilie Chouliaraki discusses radical doubt in warfare

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Professor Anthony Smith

It was with profound sadness that we learned of the death of Anthony Smith, Emeritus Professor in Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Department of Government.

Community is king: how new London villages can help solve the housing crisis

New research published today by LSE and the Berkeley Group explores how urban villages could help address the capital’s housing crisis.

British Academy elects four LSE Fellows

Four LSE professors have been elected as Fellows of the prestigious British Academy, the UK's national body for the humanities and social sciences. 

Ryan Pyle

Tough Rides: Brazil

Join adventurer and TV presenter, Ryan Pyle as he talks about his two months traveling through the most remote and exciting locations in Brazil. Event date: Thursday 4 August


The Euro: and its threat to Europe

In his new book The Euro: And its Threat to Europe, Nobel Prize-winning economist and bestselling author Joseph Stiglitz argues that saving Europe may mean abandoning the Euro. Event date: Tuesday 30 August

The Productivity Puzzle

Productivity growth has weakened across a number of economies over recent years, particularly in the UK. Chief Economist at the Bank of England, Andrew G Haldane asks whether this reflects a slowing of innovation or a slowing in the rate at which this technology is diffused to companies. Event date: Tuesday 27 September

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Professor Simon Hix

Speaker: Professor Simon Hix (pictured)
Recorded: Wednesday 29 June 2016, approx. 91 minutes    

The Rise and Fall of Nations                                      

Speaker: Ruchir Sharma
Recorded: Tuesday 12 July 2016

Growing Trade the Progressive Way                              

Speaker: Chrystia Freeland
Recorded: Thursday 14 July 2016

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