Studying at LSE was a  - marvellous intellectual feast - LSE commemorates the centenary of its first black academic, Nobel Laureate Arthur Lewis (1915-1991)This week’s Gearty Grilling: Mukulika Banerjee on why India votes.Decide the future of the UK - Join the debate and have your say in what should be in a written UK Constitution www.constitutionuk.comReducing violence, delivering humanitarian aid and restoring civil society in conflict-ridden situations - Professor Mary Kaldor’s research has impacted on how Europe improved its response to crises beyond its borders

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This week’s Gearty Grilling: Mukulika Banerjee on democracy in India|Mukulika Banerjee, Reader in Social Anthropology, discusses democracy in India and why voting is so meaningful to most of the population.Being German, Becoming Muslim|The experiences of German converts to Islam are explored in a new book by Esra Ozyurek of LSE’s European Institute.Reward Pakistani tax collectors to boost their performance, says new IGC film|Salary incentives for tax collectors could significantly increase the amount of taxes raised in Pakistan, according to a new film released by the International Growth Centre, which is based at LSE.

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Nazir Razak                               

AEC 2015 – A Perspective from Business|

How will the ASEAN Economic Community change the political and economic landscape of Southeast Asia? What form will it take and will it be sustainable? Dato Sri Nazir Razak, Chair of the CIMB Group, will speak at the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre launch event. Event date: Wednesday 28 January


Sovereigns, Vultures and Ignoble Cowardice|

Felix Salmon, financial journalist and Senior Editor at, will discuss how atrocious jurisprudence has plunged Argentina into an unwanted default and upended the world of sovereign debt. Event date: Tuesday 27 January

The Age of Sustainable Development|

Professor Sachs will talk about his upcoming book which explains the central concept for our age; both a way of understanding the world and a method for solving global problems - sustainable development. Event date: Wednesday 4 February

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Daniel Ferreira         

Speaker: Professor Daniel Ferreira
Recorded: Thursday 15 January 2015, approx. 89 minutes    


Speaker: Dr Pippa Malmgren
Recorded: Tuesday 13 January 2015, approx. 82 minutes          

Speakers: Felix Martin, Professor Lord Skidelsky
Recorded: Wednesday 14 January 2015, approx. 76 minutes          

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Stalin's Agent        
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