LSE has been my lifeline - Chrisann Jarrett explains why an LSE scholarship saved her a 10-year wait£1 million of UK master’s scholarships for LSE’s 120th anniversaryThere is a vicious cycle of disadvantage and breaking into it is important - This week’s Gearty Grilling: Martin Knapp on mental health spendingPharmaceutical companies almost exclusively sponsor studies that favour their products - But, asks Huseyin Naci, does this mean that all industry-sponsored research is biased?

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This week's Gearty Grilling: Martin Knapp on mental health spending| Martin Knapp, Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Personal Social Services Research Unit, discusses why spending on mental health should be a priority.Does having children make us any happier?|  The birth of a first and a second child briefly increases the level of their parents’ happiness, but a third does not, according to new research from LSE and Western University, Canada.Parents less likely to monitor their children's internet use if accessed via smartphones|Parents are less likely to supervise their child's internet use if they are accessing the internet using a smartphone or tablet, finds the latest report from EU Kids Online at LSE.

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Elena Rivilla Lutterkort                      

Food Policy: ethics for your kitchen and beyond|

Food production and consumption are changing. What are the ethics and policy issues on your dinner plate today? A panel of experts including Elena Rivilla Lutterkort (pictured), Sustainability Officer at LSE, will discuss these questions. Event date: Tuesday 4 November


Shared Responsibility: the importance of international partnerships to homeland security|

Jason Furman, Chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, will focus on the three major structural opportunities that he sees in the US economy: the slowdown in health costs; the boom in energy; and recent developments in technology. He will discuss the prospects they hold for the economy, the challenges they present and the role of public policy in fostering them. Event date: Wednesday 5 November

On Fantasy Island: British politics, English judges and the European Convention on Human Rights|

Conor Gearty will unpick the myths, illusions and downright lies that infect political engagement with human rights in Britain - and the Human Rights Act in particular. Event date: Thursday 6 November

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Nigel Dodd       

Speaker: Professor Nigel Dodd
Recorded: Thursday 23 October 2014, approx. 90 minutes


Speaker: Professor Michael Tomasello
Recorded: Monday 20 October 2014, approx. 21 minutes     

Speakers: Professor Nicholas Christakis, Professor Patrick Dunleavy, Dr Amanda Goodall, Professor Andrew Oswald
Recorded: Tuesday 21 October 2014, approx. 84 minutes        

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Cutting the Gordian Knot of Economic Reform|

Leonardo Baccini and Johannes Urpelainen

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