'British foreign policy has for too long been the preserve of grandees' - Nicholas Kitchen reflects on the LSE Diplomacy Commission’s findings'Citizenship acts as a catalyst for migrants to unleash their full potential’ - Dr Dominik Hangartner’s research finds that naturalisation promotes social and political integrationIs corporate investment turning cities into enclaves for offices and luxury apartment towers? - Professor Saskia Sassen asks who owns our cities for LSE Cities Urban Age ProgrammeBrexit Vote. Read expert analysis about the UK’s referendum on EU membership on LSE’s new  ‘Brexit Vote’ blog

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LSE's impressive impact on Paris climate change summit

The far-reaching impact of LSE staff and alumni is being felt in Paris this week at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which aims to achieve a binding and universal global agreement on climate.

LSE statement on socially responsible investment review

LSE Council has approved a series of recommendations to strengthen the School’s socially responsible investment policy.

Past performance plays minor role in CEO selection

An individual's past performance plays a minor role in headhunters' decisions concerning which candidates to put forward for CEO positions in major non-financial firms, according to new LSE research  

CABLE, Vince (Credit Vince Cable 2015)79x105

How Can the UK Improve Productivity and Still Build the Workforce?

This event marks the official launch of the LSE Business Review blog blog bringing together a panel of prominent economists, including former Business Secretary Vince Cable, to discuss productivity, the UK’s economic future and the road ahead. Event date: Wednesday 2 December


Tackling Extreme Poverty through Programmes Targeting the World's Ultra-Poor 

Can extreme poverty be eliminated through programmes targeting the world’s ultra-poor? The panel, featuring Fazle Abed the Founder and Chairperson of BRAC and Esther Duflo, Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics at MIT, will discuss the merits of so called graduation approaches. Event date: Wednesday 9 December

The Power of Ideas: a discussion with David Harvey 

David Harvey's politicised work on geography, social theory, urban political economy and capitalism has shaped academic debate for decades. He is one of the most cited social scientists in the world, and his works have been translated into multiple languages. Here, Harvey joins a panel of experts to explore his ideas - and alternative views. Event date: Thursday 10 December

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Speakers: Dr Insa Koch, Dr Lisa McKenzie, Dr David Skarbek (pictured)
Recorded: Monday 16 November 2015 , approx. 98 minutes             


Speaker: Professor Michel Wieviorka
Recorded: Monday 23 November 2015

Speakers: Professor Angela McRobbie, Professor Jonothan Neelands, Professor Philip Schlesinger
Recorded: Wednesday 25 November 2015  

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Youth Participation in Democratic Life

Youth Participation in Democratic Life: stories of hope and disillusion

Bart Cammaerts, Michael Bruter, Shakuntala Banaji, Sarah Harrison, and Nicholas Anstead

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