Economic Geography

Seminar Series

Research Seminars in Economic Geography take place at LSE throughout term time. They are regularly led by PhD students in Economic Geography from LSE, and occasionally play host to external speakers. The seminars take place at LSE on Wednesdays, 4pm-5pm in the Old Building, room 3.28. Seminars are open to all.

Attendance and presentation for researchers and visitors to the Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC) is also encouraged.

Summer Term 2019

Wednesday 1 May, 4pm-5pm 
Andreas Diemer (London School of Economics)
"Diffusion of Local Economic Shocks in Social Networks: Evidence from the US Fracking Boom".

Wednesday 8 May, 4pm-5pm 
Filippo Boeri (London School of Economics)
"Out of the darkness: Re-allocation of confiscated real estate mafia assets". 

Wednesday 15 May, 4pm-5pm 
Matthew Sharp (London School of Economics)
"Agricultural productivity shocks and minimum wage laws: evidence from South Africa".

Wednesday 22 May, 4pm-5pm 
Paul Yu (London School of Economics)
"Spatial Difference in the Returns to Education". 

Wednesday 29 May, 4pm-5pm 
Louise Bernard (London School of Economics)
"Weather shocks and urbanization trends 1960-2015".

Wednesday 5 June, 4pm-5pm 
Yohan Iddawela (London School of Economics)
"Sub-National Government Quality and Regional Economic Development in African countries". 

Wednesday 12 June, 4pm-5pm 
Augustin Boey (London School of Economics)

Michaelmas Term 2018

Wednesday 3 October, 4pm-5:30pm
Lutz Sager (London School of Economics) 
"The Global Welfare Incidence of Carbon Pricing: Evidence from Trade”.

Wednesday 10 October, 4-5:30pm
Gregor Singer (London School of Economics)
"Endogenous Markups, Input Misallocation and Geographical Supplier Access”. 

Wednesday 17 October, 4pm-5:30pm
Simon Franklin (London School of Economics)
"Slums to Failed Estates? Evidence from a lottery for low-cost housing in Ethiopia"

Wednesday 24 October, 4-5:30pm
Ying Chen (London School of Economics)
“Air Pollution, Regulations, and Labor Mobility in China”.

Wednesday 31 October, 4-5:30pm
Hayoung Kim (London School of Economics)
"House Prices and Consumption: The Role of News Media". 

Wednesday 14 November, 4-5pm
Cong Peng (London School of Economics)
"E-commerce, trade, and traffic congestion".

Wednesday 21 November, 4-5pm
Tanner Regan (London School of Economics)
"Leveraging informal institutions to pay for land formalisation".

Wednesday 28 November, 4-5pm
Guglielmo Barone (Bank of Italy)
"Will the Money Stop the Political Drift? Evidence on the Impact of Cohesion Expenditures on Populism”.

Wednesday 5 December, 4-5pm
Elisabetta Pietrostefani (London School of Economics)
"Conservation policy and cultures of corruption: evidence from 55 Italian cities".

Wednesday 12 December, 4-5pm
Margarida Madaleno (London School of Economics)
"How does housing investment affect divorce and marriage? Evidence from area-based mortgage discrimination".

Lent Term 2019

Wednesday 16 January, 4pm-5pm
Carolin Ioramashvili (LSE)
"Internal migration and local earnings growth in Great Britain".

Wednesday 23 January, 4pm-5pm
Jamila Nigmatulina (London School of Economics)
"Electricity price and firm performance"

Wednesday 30 January, 4pm-5pm
Alexandra Sotiriou (London School of Economics)
"The effects of outward FDI on the regional skill composition: evidence from Greece".

Wednesday 6 February, 4pm-5pm
Filippo Boeri (London School of Economics)
"Firms’ Exports and Functional Agglomeration: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data".

Wednesday 13 February, 4pm-5pm 
Lars Ludolph (London School of Economics)
"Barriers to the labour market integration of refugees: Evidence from Austria".

Wednesday 27 February, 4pm-5pm 
Eduardo Ibarra-Olivo (London School of Economics)
"Outward FDI from Mexican Regions: Local Determinants and Policy Incentives". 

Wednesday 6 March, 4pm-5pm 
Xiaolun Yu (London School of Economics)
"On the Origins of Land-Use Regulation: Evidence from China’s Building-Height Limit".

Wednesday 13 March, 4pm-5pm 
Yunxiong Li (London School of Economics)
"Liability of Foreignness and Location Choice of Chinese OFDI".

Wednesday 20 March, 4pm-5:30pm 
Juan Soto Diaz and Beatriz Jambrina Conseco (London school of Economics) 
"Cities, Mines, and the Boom of Mineral Prices." (Juan)
"Do Temporary Help Agencies improve labor market outcomes for the unemployed? Evidence from Spanish municipalities." (Beatriz)

Wednesday 27 March, 4pm-5:30pm 
Sandro Provenzano and Han Wang (London School of Economics)
"The Paradox of the Isolated Poor: Capital City Isolation in Sub-Saharan Africa". (Sandro)
"Does better local government improve the effect of windfall gains? Evidence from China’s primary land market". (Han)