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LSE London provides a base for urban research with an emphasis on projects with policy relevance. The centre serves as an information-sharing forum for academics, researchers, professionals and students.

Recent research and publications affiliated with LSE London include:

Knowledge Exchange & Impact (KEI) / Higher Education & Innovation Fund (HEIF) Seminars & Projects

LSE London has been hosting seminars, workshops, conferences and other research projects since 2005 with funding from the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF). It all began in 2005 with a series of development workshops. All projects since have consisted of a series of conferences, workshops, seminars and publications designed to bring together stakeholders in key debates on London's economic, political and social development. 

Using LSE's research strengths, extensive networks and reputation for contributing to robust public policy, these events help to transfer knowledge and expertise from universities across the UK at the point where policy formation, economic development and business activity converge around particular issues. 

KEI: Housing and Urban Form: Tensions in the London Plan Examination in Public

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s proposed London Plan is now entering its formal Examination in Public (EiP). The Plan is the Mayor’s most important policy instrument. The EiP is an extended process that allows public discussion of questions such as the feasibility of the Plan’s housing targets; how these relate to the Mayor’s affordability priorities; density and built form; and the relation between development inside and outside London. The core issues around housing and land use are highly political, and the fundamentals remain disputed. LSE researchers, particularly the LSE London research group, have worked extensively on these issues over the last few years. LSE London’s objective is to ensure that this body of LSE research is taken into account during the EiP.

LSE London is participating in this process in a number of ways:

  • We gave comments on the draft Plan and the related Housing Strategy at consultation stage last year. Click here to read the Draft London Plan consultation – LSE London response
  • We have submitted written evidence on a number of the fundamental issues that the Plan addresses.
  • We are bringing together a short booklet identifying the research that we have undertaken and the conclusions and recommendations to the London Plan.
  • We have so far held five roundtables for participants and knowledgeable specialists covering four of the most fundamental topics and a session taking stock on where we are on contested matters at the mid-stage of the process. We are publishing summaries of the discussions and conclusions on the web.
  • We have taken part in nine of the public sessions and hope to take part in two more on viability at the end of the EiP process in May. We have written a number of blogs about how the discussion has gone in these sessions, the most important areas of dispute and the solutions put forward.
  • Here is our coverage of the EiP so far:


Written Evidence



Final Event Discussion

Other outputs

We will do a final event on what the EiP has achieved.And we will do our own assessment of the EiP’s Panel decisions.This page will be updated to reflect our work for this project.

HEIF5: Accelerating housing development in London

London faces a significant housing crisis that threatens both its social sustainability and its long-term economic stability. Last year (2014-15), our HEIF5  project, Addressing the Supply Crisis focused on the implications of the national election debate for London; identified barriers to supply specific to the capital and pointed to where change was needed. In doing so, we built immensely positive relationships with major stakeholders providing both a careful analytic base and an independent environment where they could come together to discuss ways forward. 

Following on from that, this year's (2015-16) HEIF5 project will focus on the run up to the mayoral election examining strategies and instruments to accelerate the development of new housing and specifically clarifying how the new mayor could use his/her powers in the new policy context to generate a step-change in housing delivery. Throughout this year, LSE London has explored these issues through five major themes:

  • Constructing Construction
  • Devolution London
  • Finance
  • Housing Zones
  • Planning Certainty

Each theme addresses how the new London Mayor can help overcome the major barriers to improving London’s housing crisis through workshops, site-visits, and stakeholder focus groups. Multimedia outputs bring the project to life, with thought-provoking research expressed through blog posts, and short films.

This project recognises the importance of the housing issue for the Mayoral election and the role of the GLA in making that a success. All potential candidates agree that a step change in housing delivery is needed but there is very little agreement on the details of how to ensure it happens. The wide range of national housing and planning policy changes that have been introduced since the national election, which impact on what is achievable, further complicates matters.

By engaging key groups of stakeholders and focusing on practical ways of overcoming the main barriers to accelerating supply, we hope to influence and improve the debate leading up to the mayoral election and to provide a blueprint for the months following the election.


Reports and Articles

18 December 2016

Scanlon, K. & Whitehead, C.M.E. The profile of UK landlords. Council of Mortgage Lenders.  

1 December 2016

Whitehead, C.M.E., Scanlon, K., & Holman, N. Rising to the Challenge: London's Housing Crisis. HEIF 5. 

21 November 2016

Scanlon, K. [Contributor]. State of the Nation 2016: social mobility in Great Britain. Social Mobility Commission. 

21 November 2016

Gordon, I. & Whitehead, C.M.E. ‘Why else is density important?’ (London Plan Density Research Project 5). Mayor of London.

17 November 2016

Gordon, I. Mace, A., & Whitehead, C.M.E. ‘Defining, measuring and implementing density standards in London’ (London Plan Density Research Project 1). Mayor of London.

1 November 2016

Whitehead, C.M.E., Scanlon, K., Monk, S., Tang, C., with Haffner, M., Lunde, J., Anderson, M., & Voigtländer, M. Understanding the role of private renting: a four country case study. Knowledge Centre for Housing Economics.

10 October 2016

Holman, N. & Mossa, A. HEIF 5 Report: Market VS Planning: is Deregulation the answer?

23 June 2016

HEIF 5 Report: Accelerating housing production in London, preliminary report

10 May 2016

Scanlon, K. Whitehead, C.M.E., & Williams, Peter. Taking stock: Understanding the effects of recent policy measures on the private rented sector and Buy-to-Let

23 March 2016

Scanlon, K., Whitehead, C.M.E., & Edge, A. with Banerjee, P. The effect of forthcoming housing policy changes on social-tenant employment and the London economy, Final report for LB Camden.

7 March 2016

Whitehead, C.M.E. [Commissioner]. Building a new deal for London: Final report of the London Housing CommissionInstitute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

19 February 2016

Whitehead, C.M.E. [Advisory group member] 'Home Improvements'. New Centre for Social Justice (CSJ). 

February 2016

Scanlon, K. ‘Is going Deutsch worth it?’ View, an independent social affairs magazine, Issue 35.

November 2015

McDonald, N. & Whitehead C.M.E. New estimates of housing requirements in England, 2012 to 2037. Town & Country Planning Tomorrow Series Paper 17.

12 October 2015

Holman, N., Fernández-Arrigoitia, M., Scanlon, K., & Whitehead, C.M.E. Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis (Final Report & Executive Summary).



Enforcing the unenforceable: The hard work of two enforcement officers in London. 10 October 2016.

Discussing planning deregulation in London: Office conversions and short-term lettings. 10 October 2016.

Creating communities in London's new villages. 22 July 2016.

PLACE making: A modular approach to London’s housing shortage. 21 July 2016.

The Kipling Estate: Genuinely affordable housing in central London. 28 June 2016.


10 October 2016

Market VS Planning: is Deregulation the answer? HEIF 5 blog.

22 July 2016

Urban villages: some observations from LSE London. HEIF 5 blog.

22 June 2016

Accelerating Housing Production in London: Making national housing policy work in the capital. HEIF 5 blog.

31 May 2016

Building relationships with central and local government, blog from our roundtable event

18 May 2016

Housing strategies for the new mayor, seminar blog

3 May 2016

Next London Mayor should work with Wider South East to rethink the green belt’, says Ian Gordon in Centre for Cities blog.

3 May 2016

Will the new London Mayor have the powers necessary to tackle the housing crisis?’ Christine Whitehead comments for Centre for Cities.

9 March 2016 

A case for greater planning certainty’ Blog report.

24 February 2016

Innovative construction methods. Blog report.

10 February 2016

Housing zones as new housing acceleration tools. Blog report.

28 January 2016

Mayoral hustings debate summary: ‘Why I should be Mayor of London Tomorrow’. Blog report.

20 January 2016

Roundtable on Planning and the Role of SME Builders. Blog report.

23 November 2015

HEIF5 Accelerating Housing Production in London  Roundtable 1: Setting the Priorities. Blog report. 

In the news

5 May 2016

Marcellin, F. [Melissa Fernández comments on the effect of London's housing crisis on younger generations] The future of urban housing. Design & Build Review Magazine. Issue 27.

2 May 2016

Meyerm H. [Kath Scanlon comments on implementing rent control in the UK.] Would a rent cap work for tenants facing £1,000-a-month-rises? The Guardian.

14 November 2015

Christie, J. [Kath Scanlon discusses UK Buy-to-Let in relation to EU countries]. Buy-to-let is taxed more in Britain than Germany, France or US - before the new tax. The Telegraph. 

28 August 2015

Clapperton, G. [Melissa Fernández discusses alternative housing in Croydon]. Time for change. New Statesman. 


21 July 2016

Seminar: Alternative housing development in London: Practices and possibilities

14 July 2016

Short film festival: Visualising London's Housing Crisis: Problems and Solutions

6-8 July 2016

Conference: Prof Christine Whitehead was one of the Keynote Speakers at the 2016 AREUEA conference.

5 July 2016

Conference: Prof Christine Whitehead provides an economic overview at The Residential Funding Conference

23 June 2016

HEIF 5 Final Conference: Opportunities to Accelerate Housing Production in London

12-13 May 2016

Wohnen für alle?! Wissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Architektur, Planung und Politik' (Housing for all?! Scientific perspectives on architecture, planning and politics)’. Event Programme.

10 May 2016

Housing Strategies for the New Mayor’

10 May 2016

Taking stock: Understanding the effects of recent policy measures on the private rented sector and Buy-to-Let, report launch.

14 April 2016

Providing cheap housing in expensive cities: is social housing the answer?’ Kath Scanlon at the ETH Forum Wohnungsbau 2016

9 March 2016

A greater case for certainty’

24 February 2016

Innovative construction methods’. 

10 February 2016

Housing zones as new housing acceleration tools’.

28 January 2016

Mayoral hustings debate: ‘Why I should be Mayor of London Tomorrow’.

20 January 2016

Roundtable on Planning and the Role of SME Builders’.

15 December 2015

GLA Intelligence Seminar: House prices in London. Kath Scanlon was a panellist. 

23 November 2015

HEIF5 Accelerating Housing Production in London Roundtable 1: Setting the Priorities’. 

1 December 2015

The PRS: Evolution in London and international perspective’Kath Scanlon presented evidence to the Housing Select Committee of the London Borough of Lewisham about private renting in London and Germany.

November 2015

The future of the private rented sector’ Christine Whitehead gave the keynote address at the report launch of Private Renters’ Rights: Safe and stable homes in Kensington and Chelsea report. Melissa Fernàndez and Christine Whitehead worked in the advisory group. 

November 2015

Is there a problem with the current housing market?’ Christine Whitehead discusses the social implications of a changing housing market at the ESRC Festival of Social Science: Housing Event at the Geffrye Museum of the Home

November 2015

Barriers to accelerating housing delivery’ Christine Whitehead presents at the New Ideas for Housing: Tools for accelerating delivery, New Architecture London.

21 October 2015

Housing in London: the current state of play’, Christine Whitehead presents at the Policy Forum for London.

13 October 2015

The Role of Social Housing in Europe’, Christine Whitehead presents at Uppsala University.

12 October 2015

Housing in London - Final Roundtable and Report Launch.

HEIF5: Addressing the housing supply crisis

London’s housing crisis is a real and multifaceted problem, but responses to it are incoherent and weakly evidenced.

There is an evident need for improvements in London’s housing market, including more and higher-quality new construction, enhanced affordability, and a better match between households and dwellings. During 2014-15, LSE London explored these issues through programming tied to four major themes: 

  • New Housing and the London Plan 
  • Improving Private Renting
  • Alternative Housing 
  • The Role of Foreign Money

Each theme addressed the major barriers to improving London’s housing crisis and explored innovative ways forward through workshops, site-visits, and stakeholder focus groups. Multimedia outputs brought the project to life, with thought-provoking research expressed through blog posts, short films and an interactive map. The project included a provocative debate to coincide with the production of party manifesto priorities, tying our research and findings to material action. A final conference drew on all themes, involved international experts facing similar issues, and set the agenda for the debate moving towards the Mayoral and local government elections in 2016.

LSE London has a long legacy of producing influential housing-related research and bringing together key stakeholders involved in London’s most pressing economic and social issues. This HEIF 5 project will draw on our previous success facilitating similar discussions about pressing issues like migration.

Details of every project event, discussion, and publication will also be presented on this site. Check back frequently to find out ways you can get involved and to follow the exciting conversation as it progresses.


Reports and Articles

12 October 2015

Whitehead, C.M.E., Fernández, M., Scanlon, K., & Holman, N. Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis.

October 2015

Fernández, M. & Scanlon, K. Co-designing senior co-housing. Urban Design.

27 July 2015

Whitehead, C.M.E. & Sagor, E. The impact of new housing development on surrounding areas.

May 2015

Ellis, K. & Whitehead, C.M.E. Affordability: A Step Forward - New Report.

April 2015

Whitehead, C.M.E. & Sagor E. with Edge, A., & Walker, B. Understanding the local impact of new residential development – a pilot study.

21 March 2015

Holman, N., Whitehead, C.M.E., Scanlon, K., Fernández, M., & Sagor, with E. Mossa, A.(Videographer) PRS Profiles: Learning from tenants’ experiences to improve private renting in London.

14 April 2015

Scanlon, K. & Fernández, M. Development of new cohousing: lessons from a London scheme for the over-50s.

10 December 2014

Cheshire, P., Tonkiss, F., Hamnett, C., Negrini, J., & Lammy, D. Debate: accelerating residential development in London – what works?

6 November 2014

Whitehead, C.M.E. Lyons and London: Labour’s latest housing review should not ignore initiatives in the capital.

17 September 2014

LSE London. Launch Event: Thematic Briefing Notes.

10 August 2014

Whitehead, C.M.E. & Scanlon, K. Rent Stabilisation: Principles and International Experience.

2 July 2014

Scanlon, K., Whitehead, C.M.E., & Fernández, M. Social Housing in Europe.

1 December 2013

Whitehead, C.M.E., Scanlon, K., Williams, P., & Gibb, K. Building the Rented Sector in Scotland.

17 October 2013

Whitehead, C.M.E., Travers, T., Scanlon, K., & Fernández, M. Creating Conditions for Growth.

1 September 2013

Scanlon, K. Fernández, M., Whitehead, C.M.E. A Lifestyle Choice for Families? Private Renting in London, New York, Berlin and the Randstad.

17 September 2011

Scanlon, K. & Kochan, B. Towards a Sustainable Private Rented Sector.

Site Profiles

20 April 2015

Walters Way, Featherstone Lodge, Havelock WalkVideo: Lessons from a visit to three alternative housing sites in south London. (Videographers: Leizaola, R. & Boer, L.).

20 April 2015

Fizzy Living, Fizzy and the ‘good landlord’ model. Peon-Veiga, R. & Habra, K.

20 April 2015

Pocket, Why Pocket works: size may not matter when it comes to affordable housing. Habra, K. & Trindle, T.

20 April 2015

Y-Cube, Prefab is Back in Town. Trindle, T. & Walch, B.

20 April 2015

Bow Arts Live/Work Units: Learning from live/work. Walch, B. & Peon-Veiga, R.

18 February 2015

Stratford Halo & East Village. Video: A New Model for PRS in London?.

18 February 2015

Millbrook Park, Barnet. 27 Nov 2014.

24 November 2014

Ailsa Street, Tower Hamlets


Interactive Media

22 May 2015

PRS Profiles: Learning from tenants’ experiences to improve private renting in London.


22 May 2015

Lessons from a recent site visit to Greenwich Peninsula.

22 May 2015

PRS Profiles, An Introduction.

22 May 2015

PRS Profiles: Learning to compromise.

22 May 2015

PRS Profiles: Struggling with substandard options.

22 May 2015

PRS Profiles: Wheeling and dealing with agents and landlords.

22 May 2015

PRS Profiles: The struggle to secure housing in London.

22 May 2015

PRS Profiles: Precarity and inequality in the PRS.

22 May 2015

PRS Profiles: Desiring alternatives, but needing security.

21 April 2015

PRS Profiles: The reality of private renting in London.

17 April 2015

Alternative housing: Lessons from a visit to 3 South London schemes.

14 April 2015

Owner-occupation: its benefits and risks in different market contexts.

18 February 2015

A New Model for PRS in London?


3 March 2015

Housing Over the Airwaves: Nancy Holman and Christine Whitehead discuss the supply crisis on Radio 4.

10 December 2014

Debate: accelerating residential development in London – what works?.

10 December 2014

‘Game Changer’ for Housing Supply: Fran Tonkiss’ Thoughts.

10 December 2014

‘Game Changer’ for Housing Supply: Chris Hamnett’s Thoughts.

10 December 2014

‘Game Changer’ for Housing Supply: Paul Cheshire’s Thoughts.

10 December 2014

‘Game Changer’ for Housing Supply: David Lammy’s Thoughts


11 August 2015

The role of Housing Associations in accelerating residential development in London.

7 May 2015

Towards a community of practice: notes from a London Local Authority roundtable.

22 April 2015

Political party manifestos – anything for London’s housing?

3 March 2015

Is foreign money necessary for accelerating housing development in London? (Workshop).

20 February 2015

From our own correspondent: Marching for homes.

14 January 2015

Increasing the range of alternative approaches to supply in London can significantly increase output (Workshop).

3 December 2014

Accommodating 'Generation Rent' -- how to overcome barriers to institutional investment in London's private rented sector (Workshop).

7 November 2014

Accelerating new housing production in London -- what works? (Workshop).

6 November 2014

Lyons and London: Labour’s latest housing review should not ignore initiatives in the capital.

8 October 2014

Alternative housing could be the answer to London’s housing crisis.

6 March 2014

Miliband’s proposals: Old fashioned rent control or a better operating market?

26 February 2014

London’s housing crisis is real, but the Mayor’s housing strategy falls short on solutions.

In the news

6 May 2015

Grahame, C. Councils looking to alternative housing as part of the solution to the supply crisis. (LSE London HEIF5 - Housing in London project mentioned).The Guardian.

23 February 2015

Housing Over the Airwaves: Nancy Holman and Christine Whitehead discuss the supply crisis on Radio 4. (Christine Whitehead comments).

11 November 2014

Planning and housing – why the continuing tensions? (Christine Whitehead presents).

13 October 2014

The six ‘basics’ underpinning London’s housing problem. (Christine Whitehead presents).

29 August 2014

Six ways to ‘cool the housing market’. (Kath Scanlon comments).

14 July 2014

LSE London works with Camden to explore rent regulation. (Christine Whitehead and Kath Scanlon commissioned to produce report on Camden rent market).

7 July 2014

Micro housing: the answer to London’s housing crisis? (Nancy Holman, Kath Scanlon, and Melissa Fernández comments)

2 June 2014

House Prices: Same street, different property market (Kath Scanlon comments). BBC Business.

27 May 2014

Whitehead, C.M.E. Re-evaluating the Greenbelt will deliver more homesPropublica.

28 February 2014

LSE experts submit joint response challenging Mayor’s Housing Strategy.  


17 June 2015

Post-Election Event: Looking ahead – how should the new government address London’s housing supply crisis?

20 April 2015

Video: Lessons from a visit to three alternative housing sites in south London

20 April 2015

Fizzy and the 'good landlord' model | Site Profile: Fizzy Living

20 April 2015

Why Pocket works: size may not matter when it comes to affordable housing | Site Profile: Pocket

20 April 2015

Prefab is in town | Site Profile: Y:Cube

20 April 2015

Learning from live/work | Site Profile: Bow Arts Live/Work Units

18 February 2015

Video: A New Model for PRS in London?

10 December 2014

Debate: Accelerating residential development in London - what works?

10 December 2014

'Game Changer' for Housing Supply: Fran Tonkiss's Thoughts

10 December 2014

'Game Changer' for Housing Supply: Chris Hamnett's Thoughts

10 December 2014

Game Changer' for Housing Supply: Paul Cheshire's Thoughts

10 December 2014

'Game Changer' for Housing Supply: David Lammy's Thoughts

10 December 2014

'Game Changer' for Housing Supply: Jo Negrini's Thoughts

27 November 2014

Profile: Millbrook Park, Barnet

26 November 2014

Profile: Alisa Street, Tower Hamlets

17 September 2014

Project Launch: An Introduction to Our Four Main Themes, Briefing Notes: Launch Event: Thematic Briefing Notes 


HEIF 5: 2012-14 Series: Migration and the transformation of London Immigration is one of today’s most conflictual issues. There is disagreement about how immigration affects economies and about how national policy can improve growth and support social cohesion and welfare. Stakeholders include not only policy makers and migrants themselves but indeed almost all of society.

London has a particular stake in the debate—it is the UK destination of choice for migrants from all parts of the income and education spectra, many of its industries depend on specialist migrant labour, and it is home to communities from all over the world.

This HEIF 5 project brings together London policymakers, experts and those who drive the economy to provide an evidence basis and a forum for informed debate about how international immigration affects London, focusing on six different themes:

The two-year series of roundtablesworkshopsseminarsconferences, and publications will monitor and disseminate relevant research and evidence. This is a comprehensive archive of all available outputs.




December 2014

Kochan, B. [Editor]. Migration and the London’s growth. LSE London. A downloadable PDF version of the book is available here.

Framing papers

24 March 2014

Datu, K. Settlement patterns of rich and poor-country migrants into the London metropolitan region since 2001


21 September 2015

Fernández, M. Islington Park Street Community: a model for alternative housing in London

Septemerb 2015

Scanlon, K. Fernández, M., Sagor, E., & Whitehead, C. Home advantage: housing the young employed in London. Sutton Trust.

External presentations

11 April 2013

Scanlon, K. The impact of skilled non-EU migration on UK housing market. Norface Research Program on Migration & Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration.

12 December 2012

Report: Higher education and migration workshop



9 October 2013

Feasible approaches to estimating the UK’s irregular migrant population in April 2011: a roundtable discussion

7 October 2013 

London’s household projections and their implications for planning: a roundtable discussion

5 October 2012

Project launch: opening roundtable


12 December 2012

Higher education and migration workshop


10 June 2014 

Migration and low pay in London

The role/impacts of migrants in London’s low paid jobs

Policy responses to a London low pay problem

6 December 2013 

New migration regimes and higher education

2 July 2013 

The new population and household projections: implications for London seminar

29 June 2013

The London Finance Commission seminar

1 March 2013

Higher education and migration seminar


27 June 2014

Migration and the transformation of London: an international perspective

Session 1: Migration and the economy

Session 2: Migration, communities and services

Session 3: Migration, politics and the city

24 March 2014

How is London being transformed by migration?

Session 1: Setting the Context – Impacts of Migration 2001-2011
[Listen to Podcast of Session 1 presentations here]

Session 2: Implications – Bigger
[Listen to Podcast of Session 2 presentations here]

Session 3: Implications – Different
[Listen to Podcast of Session 3 presentations here]

KEI: Housing and Urban Form: Tensions in the London Plan Examination in Public

Books, Articles, Reports, Blogs & Videos






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