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London Talks 

London is experiencing important changes: the new London Plan, Brexit, the housing crisis, the proliferation of short-term letting and climate change. Many of these issues are not local to London or to the United Kingdom.  Cities across the world are experiencing pressure from increasing house prices, marked increases in short-term letting and the spectre of climate change.

Our new seminar series London Talks creates a space to exchange knowledge on these changes linking them to LSE’s research. In so doing, we aim to create partnerships with significant London stakeholders and show how research and practice in London link to cities across the world.




How does planning deregulation impact neighbourhoods?

Wednesday February 6th, 18.15-19.30
Parish Hall - room 1.02

Nancy Holman (LSE)
Alessandra Mossa (LSE)
Gary Bakall (London Borough of Camden) 
Ben Clifford (UCL)




Can we grow food on the Green Belt?

Wednesday March 6th, 18.15-19.30
Parish Hall - room 1.02 

Alan Mace (LSE)
Paul Miner (CPRE)
Martin Stott (Garden Organic)



How is gentrification impacting contemporary London? 

Wednesday April 10th, 18.15-19.30
New Academic Building - Alumni Theatre 

 Alan Mace (LSE)
Antoine Paccoud (LISER)
Julia King (LSE)
Patria Roman-Velazquez (Loughborough University/ Latin Elephant)



What type of growth should we be aiming for? 

Wednesday May 1st, 18.15-19.30
New Academic Building - Alumni Theatre 

Alex Jan (ARUP)
Neil Lee (LSE)
Silkie Whitworth (MHCLG)



Can alternative housing ease the crisis? 

Wednesday June 5th, 18.15-19.30
New Academic Building - Alumni Theatre 

Melissa Fernandez Arrigoitia (Lancaster University)
Gabriela Neves de Lima (LSE)
June Barnes (Housing Expert) 
Zohra Chiheb (Croydon) 








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