Creditflux-Cairn Capital Prize: Best MSc Dissertation

The Department of Finance is pleased to announce the winner of the Creditflux-Cairn Capital Prize, which awards the best dissertation written by a student on the MSc Finance (Part-time), MSc Finance and Economics or MSc Management and Regulation of Risk programmes.

The winning student, who was awarded the prize of £7,000, was Richard Thakor (MSc Finance and Economics), for his dissertation 'Investment Opportunities and the Value of Foreign and Domestic Cash Holdings'.

The Judging panel also nominated two commendable runners up, Nicloas Merlet (MSc Management and Regulation of Risk) for 'Liquidity Risk, Execution Price and Liquidation value'  

and Georgios Gegos (MSc Finance and Economics) for Correlation Targeting in DCC and cDCC model and some statistical properties of the Composite Likelihood and Engle estimators'.

Creditflux is a leading information source worldwide for the fast-growing credit derivatives and structured credit markets, publishing a monthly newsletter, online daily news and a comprehensive database of CDOs. Part of the prize was to have the dissertation published on their website.