Celebrating 10 Years of MSc Finance and Economics at LSE

The MSc Finance and Economics 10 Year Anniversary celebration took place on Saturday 14 October with a full afternoon's programme of academic and alumni speakers, followed by drinks and a buffet in the evening. The event was very well attended, with over 80 past and presents students joining members of the academic faculty in celebrating a decade of the MSc degree programme.

Highlights of the event included presentations by Professor David Webb, 1999 graduate Yaye Sakho and Dr Andrew Patton's thoroughly entertaining data, which linked each year's MSc F&E cohort to the corresponding performance of the the Stock Market.

The Department would like to thank everyone who could attend and support the MSc Finance and Economics Programme.

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We are also keen to locate those alumni who we have lost touch with over the years, and we would be grateful for your help in tracking down lost alumni, so that we can invite them to join us in October.

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