New blog: Global Investments and Local Development
12 October 2017

The Department of Geography and Environment has launched a new blog on “Global Investments and Local Development”, dedicated to globalisation and its consequences on local economic development, employment and innovation.

EU Mercosur

Website Launch: SIA EU-Mercosur
3 October 2017

LSE Consulting is proud to announce the website launch of the Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of the EU-Mercosur ​AA Negotiations. 

Managing Every Mile

Publication: Managing Every Mile
18 September 2017

Dr Alexander Grous explores how business leaders can better understand their travel and expense (T&E) spending in order to improve their return on investment (ROI).

The regional dimension of inequality

Event: European Week of Regions and Cities (10 October 2017)
13 September 2017

Professor Simona Iammarino discusses the regional dimension of inequality in a university session at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels.

Connecting Capabilities

Aiming Haier - Manufacturing goes Internet of Things (IoT)
13 May 2017 

Dr Busch's findings from his case study "Aiming Haier" have been published in Connecting Capabilities, a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit.


The Times: "Tech giants must tackle cyberbullies or face curbs"
27 February 2017

The growth of and increased fears about online threats to children and young people as shown in a study by Professor Sonia Livingstone has led to a new internet safety strategy where social media and technology companies face sanctions unless they do more to curb cyberbullying, sexting and trolling.

Reports about EU budget

HLGOR publishes recommendations after LSE advice
16 January 2017

Future Financing of the EU, the final report of the High Level Group on Own Resources (HLGOR) which marks the end of the work of the Group, has now been published online. It makes 9 recommendations for the reform of the EU budget. The report benefited from an external study commissioned from a consortium which included the LSE and was led by CEPS: Potential and Limitations of Reforming the Financing of the EU Budget.


The Power of Productivity

Publication: The Power of Productivity
12 December 2016

The report The Power of Productivity is now officially published. It reviews available UK productivity data against G7 countries to present a backdrop before depicting options to address firm-level productivity.

Housing market

London Mayor invests in London housing market research
8 December 2016

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, asked the LSE to investigate the London housing market because of the growing fears about rising housing costs.

Achieving Publicness

Publication: Achieving Publicness
2 December 2016

The report Achieving Publicness is now online. It's a study about Elephant Park commissioned by Lendlease and conducted by researchers of the Configuring Light/Staging the Social research Programme based at the LSE and King's College.


Invitation: Book launch Fiscal Decentralisation
7 November 2016

LSE Consulting is delighted to invite you to the launch of the monograph "Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Government Financing in Serbia and Montenegro" funded by the Regional Research Promotion Programme on the 17th of November.

Teaching Excellence in the Disciplines

Publication: Teaching Excellence in the Disciplines
20 October 2016

LSE Consulting has just published the report Teaching Excellence in the Disciplines, based on a project commissioned by the Higher Education Academy. This report examines the conceptions of ‘teaching excellence’ that obtain in different disciplines across the expanded and differentiated structure of UK higher education (HE).


Stakeholder consultation: Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment
29 July 2016

LSE Consulting finished the stakeholder consultation for the Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Free Trade Agreement between Europe and Japan, commissioned by the European Commission - DG for Trade.


Publication: How the EU and Member States Manage Data Transparency and Accessibility on EU Funds
25 July 2016

The European Parliament published an LSE Consulting study on How the EU and Member States Manage Data Transparency and Accessibility on EU Funds. This study is concerned with the increasing transparency in the context of EU funds as it seeks to identify the current state of affairs of transparency and accessibility with regard to EU funding mechanisms in direct, indirect and shared management, as well as the European Development Fund, across the European Union.