Dr Steve Coulter

LSE Fellow in Political Economy of Europe at the European Institute

Steve Coulter

Steve Coulter is LSE Fellow in the Political Economy of Europe. Prior to joining the European Institute, he was a Research Fellow at City University and adjunct lecturer in comparative political economy at the Clore Management School, Birkbeck College, London. He previously worked for BBC News as Senior Economics Analyst, where he briefed journalists and presenters on the financial and Eurozone crises.

Dr Coulter researches and writes on industrial and labour market policies in Europe. He was co-convenor of the labour market regulation strand of the EI’s Commission on the Future of Britain in Europe, which reported in June. He recently published a study of the industrial relations policies of Tony Blair’s government: New Labour, Industrial Relations and the Trade Unions (with Palgrave) and is currently working on a book exploring the place of the individual in economics. He studied history at King’s College, Cambridge and was awarded his PhD in European Political Economy from the European Institute.

His research interests are: comparative political economy; industrial and growth policy; interest groups; British and European politics; labour markets; and trade unions.

Expertise: British and European politics; comparative political economy; industrial and growth policy; interest groups; labour markets and trade unions