Professor Martin Knapp

Director of PSSRU

Martin Knapp

Martin Knapp is Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He has also been Director of the NIHR School for Social Care Research since 2009.

His current research emphases are primarily dementia, child and adult mental health, autism and long-term social care; much of his work has an economic focus, and in all of it he seeks to tease out the policy implications. He has published more than 500 peer-review journal papers and 15 books. His work has had numerous impacts on policy and practice in these areas.

Expertise: community care policy; dementia; health economics; health policy; long-term care; mental health economics; social services; social care

Professor Martin Knapp discusses Mental Health

Professor Martin Knapp discusses Mental Health Professor Martin Knapp discusses Mental Health
Professor Martin Knapp, director of LSE Health and Social Care, talks about the research he has done through LSE Consulting on some common mental health conditions.

LSE Consulting projects:

  1. Commissioning Cost-Effective Services for Promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health
    August 2017

    Client: Public Health England
    Authors: David McDaid, A-La Park & Martin Knapp, with additional input from Emma Wilson, Benjamin Rosen, & Jennifer Beecham

  2. The Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders
    June 2017

    Client: European Brain Council
    Authors: Martin Knapp & Michela Tinelli

  3. Best Practice for Perinatal Mental Health Care: The Economic Case
    November 2016

    Client: NHS England
    Authors: Annette Bauer, Martin Knapp & Bayo Adelaja