Dr Arnaud Vaganay

Research Associate at LSE Enterprise

Arnaud Vaganay

Arnaud Vaganay's research interests lie in research methods (mixed methods), social experiments, comparative political economy, employment and social policies, role of evidence in policy-making and programme and policy evaluation.

Prior to his PhD, Arnaud Vaganay worked for more than five years as a Communications and Management Consultant with Gellis Communications in Brussels. In this capacity, he managed or participated in a dozen of programme evaluations, mainly on behalf on the European Commission.

Arnaud holds an MA in European Studies (major Economics) from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) and the Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) as well as an MSc in Political Science (major Public Policy) from Sciences Po Grenoble (France).

Expertise: research methods (mixed methods); social experiments; comparative political economy; employment and social policies; role of evidence in policy-making; programme and policy evaluation

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