Dr Anne Corbett

Senior Associate, LSE Consulting

Anne Corbett

Dr Anne Corbett is a Senior Associate at LSE Consulting (LSE Enterprise) with long-standing experience in the field of higher education and Europe as a researcher, a journalist and a contributor to public policy. She holds a PhD in political science (London University, 2002) and a BA (Hons) in History (Bristol University). She is a former Visiting Fellow at the European Institute of LSE and in 2015/16 she was chair of the LSE Brexit Commission strand on Higher Education and Research, held under European Institute auspices. Dr Corbett also has a long-standing connection with France and has been an Officier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques.

She has been a team member on LSE Consulting reports to EU institutions related to education since 2013 and her research work on the Europeanisation of higher education has been shared with universities and public bodies in many European countries and in the US.

In her earlier career as a journalist, she was operating bilingually in English and French for much of the time. Her work has appeared in the education press and the national quality dailies. Her books include Universities and the Europe of Knowledge: Ideas, Institutions and Policy Entrepreneurship in European Union Higher Education Policy, 1955-2005 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005). She is a regular contributor to LSE Blogs Brexit and EUROPP on topics of Brexit, higher education and French politics.

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Expertise: Bologna Process participant countries; Brexit; EU higher education policy; national higher education policies in EU 28 and Bologna 49; the Bologna Process; the European Union Member States

LSE Consulting projects:

  • Social Policy Reforms in the EU: A Cross-national Comparison
    October 2015

    Client: BertelsmannStiftung
    Authors: Jan Arpe, Simona Milio & Andrej Stuchlik (with contributions from: Will Bartlett, Anne Marie Brady, Anne Corbett, Joan Costa-Font, Bob Hancké, Lamia Irfan, Bregtje Kamphuis, Lisa McKenzie, Tanguy Séné & Pieter Tuytens) 

  • Higher Education Entrance Qualifications and Exams in Europe: A Comparison
    May 2014

    Client: European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies
    Authors: Cecile Hoareau McGrath, Marie Louise Henham, Anne Corbett, Niccolo Durazzi, Michael Frearson, Barbara Janta, Bregtje Kamphuis, Eriko Katashiro, Nina Brankovic, Benoit Guerin, Catriona Manville, Inga Schwartz, Daniel Schweppenstedde