Chrisann Jarrett

Founder of Let Us Learn and Policy Advisor (LLB 2017)

The School encouraged me to be solution oriented: it is not enough to identify the problem, you need to focus on finding the solution – and that is something I try to put into practice at work every day.

Chrisann Jarrett

Chrisann Jarrett
Chrisann Jarrett

LSE alumna Chrisann Jarrett is the founder of Let Us Learn, an initiative to help young migrants access higher education, and is a policy advisor with the Greater London Authority.

Your own personal experience inspired you to set up Let us Learn. What kind of support does the organisation offer?

I created Let Us Learn to support young migrants who are blocked from taking up their places at university because they do not qualify for student finance – young people who, like I was, are regarded as international students despite having lived in the UK most of their lives.

I was very fortunate to receive a New Futures Fund scholarship to study at LSE, but realised there would be many others in my same situation who wouldn’t have that opportunity. 

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Let Us Learn 

New Futures Fund scholarship