Microsoft HoloLens

Student resources for Microsoft HoloLens

Information on this page will be updated throughout the year 

Using augmented reality to nudge ourselves to undertake behaviours that are good for us is the future of behavioural science

Dr Dario Krpan

This page provides resources for Microsoft HoloLens - augmented reality glasses that can be used to conduct behavioural science experiments. 

The page includes introductory videos that provide basic information on what Microsoft HoloLens is and how to use it. The page also contains links to tutorials that will show you how to use HoloLens and produce different "holograms" to manipulate people's visual experience.

The website is still under construction and will in the future include more tutorials for using HoloLens for experimental research as well as examples of previous student dissertations that employed this technology.

Microsoft HoloLens

Follow the below links to get familiar with what Micosoft HoloLens is, which functionalities it has, and how it can change your visual environment. 


Tutorials and Lessons

For a tutorial on how to use Microsoft HoloLens follow the below link;

Further Resources

For further resources on Microsoft HoloLens follow the links below;