Professor Paul  Dolan

Professor Paul Dolan

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Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Paul Dolan is a Professor of Behavioural Science and Head of the Psychological and Behavioural Science Department at the London School of Economics. His main research interests are in the measurement of happiness and in changing behaviour through changing the contexts within which people make choices. He has over 20,000 citations and is author of the Sunday Times best-selling book, ‘Happiness by Design’.

Paul wrote the questions that are currently being used by the Office for National Statistics to monitor national wellbeing and is also responsible for producing the MINDSPACE report for the UK Cabinet Office, which he uses widely in consulting with public sector and corporate clients.

Paul will soon be releasing his new book ‘Happy Ever After’ in which he talks about how the stories we tell about how we ought to live our lives harm us. He has featured on several TV programmes and is committed to making behavioural science more accessible to a public audience.



Expertise Details

Field experiments; happiness; public policy; well-being; behavioural economics