Questions needing intelligent answers? #LSEIQ

LSE IQ will bring social science research to bear on some of the most important issues facing society today
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A new monthly podcast, which will tackle intelligent questions about economics, politics or society, has been launched by LSE.

Each episode of LSE IQ will see a range of LSE academics, and other experts, line up to give their perspective on one timely question.

In episode one, presenter Jo Bale asks, ‘Why is CEO pay so high? She investigates how big company bosses continue to command ever-increasing salaries in spite of shareholder rebellions, government intervention and public criticism.

Giving the answers are: Sir Vince Cable of LSE’s Institute of Global Affairs, Deborah Hargreaves of the High Pay Centre; Dr Dirk Jenter, Associate Professor of Finance at LSE; Professor Sandy Pepper of LSE’s Department of Management; and Max Steuer of LSE’s Centre for Philosophy.

In episode two, Sue Windebank looks at how technology is going to change work, and asks whether the predictions about robots automating us out of our jobs are true.

‘What’s the future of work?’ will be answered by: Professor David Graeber from LSE’s Department of Anthropology; Dr Aleks Krotoski, social psychologist, technology journalist and former visiting fellow in LSE’s Media and Communications Department ; Dr Guy Michaels, LSE Associate Professor of Economics; and Leslie Willcocks , Professor of Technology, Work and Globalisation at LSE.

Adrian Thomas, LSE Director of Communication and Public Affairs, said: “In the spirit of LSE’s motto, ‘Rerum cognoscere causas’ – ‘to know the causes of things’ – LSE IQ will bring social science research to bear on some of the most important issues facing society today.”

Future episodes of LSE IQ will ask ‘Is social media good for society?’ and ‘Why haven’t we won the war on drugs?’

For all episodes of LSE IQ, and to subscribe on iTunes and SoundCloud, please visit or search for 'LSE IQ' in your favourite podcast app.