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Welcome to BJS Online, the LSE hosted website for the BJS. The page enables access to the tables of contents for all the published copies of the Journal from 1950 through to the present. 


2013 BJS Annual Public Lecture  Paper 'Values Beyond Value? Is Anything Beyond the Logic of Capital?'|  Professor Bev Skeggs, pictured, (Goldsmith's College, London)  discusses how many theories adopt the metaphors of capital to explore power (e.g. Bourdieu), others propose that capital subsumed all areas of life.  She will explore what looking through the logic of capital reveals and obscured.

Read her lecture  paper in the March 2014 issue| of the Journal (available free online) 

Special Issue: Olympic and world sport - making a transnational society?|

Edited by Richard Giulianotti and Susan Brownell.

Watch interview Podcast with Susan Brownell|, Co-editor of Special Issue when she considers the role of the Olympic Games in fostering a sense of global community.

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The BJS - Shaping Sociology Over  60 Years |

The BJS turns 60 this year. Follow this link for free access to The BJS - Shaping Sociology Over 60 Years|

Photograph of Anthony King

BJS Prize 2012
We are delighted to announce that Professor Anthony King (Sociology and Philosophy, University of Exeter) has been awarded the 2012 Prize for his paper 'The Afghan War and 'postmodern' memory: commemoration and the dead of Helmund|' (BJS, Vol. 61,March 2010).

Listen to the fascinating  podcast| by Anthony King who comments on his motivation for  writing of this paper.

Clare Saunders

Dr. Clare Saunders awarded the BJS Prize|

We are delighted to announce that the BJS Prize in 2009 has been awarded to Dr. Clare Saunders (School of Social Sciences, Southampton University) for her paper: 'Double-edged swords? Collective identity and solidarity in the environment movement' (BJS, Vol 59, June 2009)


Podcast by Clare Saunders|

This is the first BJS Prize to be awarded.  It is a biennial prize given to the author of an article published in the BJS that in the opinion of the judges makes an outstanding contribution to increasing sociological knowledge.

Rank No of Downloads Article Title Volumn, Issue, Month and Year
1 428 Political power beyond the State: problematics of government Vol. 61, s1, Jan 2010 Nikolas Rose & Peter Miller
2 220 Olympic and world sport: making transnational society? Vol. 63, 2, June 2012 Richard Giulianotti & Susan Brownell
3 172 Mapping the global football field: a sociological model of transnational forces within the world game Vol. 63, 2, June 2012 Richard Giulianotti & Roland Robertson
4 148 Human rights and the Beijing Olympics: imagined global community and the transnational public sphere Vol. 63, 2, June 2012 Susan Brownell
5 136 The bid, the lead-up, the event and the legacy: global cultural politics and hosting the Olympics Vol. 63, 2, June 2012 David Rowe
6 134 Citizenship, immigration, and the European social project: rights and obligations of individuality Vol. 63, 1, Mar 2012 Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal
7 129 Planning for the worst: risk, uncertainty and the Olympic Games Vol. 63, 2, June 2012 Philip Boyle & Kevin D. Haggerty
8 127 Sexual politics, torture, and secular timeSexual politics, torture, and secular time Vol. 63, 2, June 2012 Pete Fussey, Jon Coaffee, Gary Armstrong & Dick Hobbs
9 126 The globalization of football: a study in the glocalization of the ‘serious life’ Vol. 55, 4, Dec 2004 Richard Giuilianotti & Roland Robertson
10 124 Why different countries manage death differently: a comparative analysis of modern urban societies Vol. 63, 1, Mar 2012 Tony Walter

The regeneration games: purity and security in the Olympic city


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Vol. 63, 2, June 2012