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The Department aims to deliver a world-class education in sociology, building on the Department’s research expertise in its four research clusters: Economic Sociology; Politics and Human Rights; Social Inequalities; and Urban Sociology.

Sociology Hub

Please note that the Sociology Hub (the main administrative office, STC S116) is open 10.00am - 12.00pm & 2.00pm - 4.00pm on weekdays.

You can continue to reach all members of the Professional Services Team via email.

Programme managers are listed below (just click on their name to email). 

Student Handbooks

The Student Handbooks contain detailed information about each programme of study and what is expected of students throughout the academic year.

Student Handbooks 2023-24

BSc Programme Handbook

MSc Programmes Handbook

PhD Programme Handbook

Useful links

General information: Undergraduate Students

Student Representatives

The Department of Sociology's Undergraduate Staff Student Liaison Committee (USSLC) meets twice in the Autumn and Winter terms and once in the Spring Term. It is one of the main ways the Department receives feedback from the student body. Representatives are elected at the beginning of the academic year.

Contact one of your representatives if there are any problems or suggestions you would like to have raised at the USSLC. You can also find out more on the BSc Sociology Moodle page, under the Student Academic Representatives section. 

Key Department Staff

Academic Mentor (AM): In most cases, your allocated Academic Mentor is your main staff contact. Your AM can provide you with feedback on your progress and performance and can also provide pastoral support. We strongly encourage you to regularly meet with your AM at least 6-7 times a year or whenever you need advice and/or feedback. They will also be responsible for reviewing and approving your course selection. 

Departmental Tutor (DT): Dr Kristin Surak. The Departmental Tutor monitors the overall pastoral and academic support in the Department and will review student attendance, class change requests and will be required to sign any Late Course Choice Form or Degree Transfer Form.

Undergraduate Programme Manager: The Undergraduate Programme Manager provides support for many of the administrative processes on the programme and within school. They work closely with the AMs, DT and central LSE divisions such as Student Services and Registry. You can contact the Undergraduate Programme Manager here.

Student Mentoring

The Student Services Centre recruits continuing undergraduate students every year to act as Mentors to new undergraduate students living off campus under the Off Campus Support Scheme. Mentors act as a friendly human signpost to help new students get settled at LSE as quickly as possible, using their own experience of LSE to answer any questions they may have.


Information relating to your graduation ceremony, degree certification, transcript and diploma supplement can be found here.

What do LSE Sociology graduates do?

Many graduate jobs make use of the social insight and skills acquired through the study of sociology. Students go into a wide variety of professions, such as teaching, research, politics, public administration, the social and health services, advertising, journalism, other areas of the media, law, publishing, industry, accounting, marketing, personnel and management. 

The annual LSE alumni survey follows up graduates six months after they leave LSE and tracks their employment details and salary levels. See the latest results here: What do Sociology graduates do?

LSE Careers is here to help guide students through the careers maze with a comprehensive range of careers and employment services. They offer careers events, a vacancy board, one-to-one appointments and practice interviews, advice about further study, support if you'd like to set up your own business, and numerous online resources.

The Department of Sociology's dedicated careers advisor is Viki Chinn from LSE Careers. If you need individual guidance you can book one-to-one appointments with Viki or another careers consultant in the team.

The relationship with LSE doesn’t end with graduation: our alumni are strongly encouraged to stay in touch with LSE to ensure they make the most of the full range of alumni services offered by both LSE Careers and Alumni.